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#Shriekfest Review: The Basement (2017)

Someone is always watching and someone always knows. Maybe thanks to our over overexposure to  social media, but our secrets are always stored in the digital realm to be found. There can always be consequences and that is the thing… (Read more)

Review: THE FORLORNED By Baron Craze

I had the opportunity to view a new film from Midnight Releasing entitled The Forlorned (2017) by director and writer Andrew Wiest, whose movie actually adapted from Angela Townsend’s novel of the same name from Crimson Tree Publishing in 2015…. (Read more)

Amber Faces Off Against DEMONS

The first glimpse after the music shocks us to life is of a bloodied priest visibly shaken as he silently prays. Night has fallen; the priest is kneeling outside in the quiet darkness obviously trying to come to grips with… (Read more)

EXCLUSIVE: NIGHTWORLD Clip Asks Where Have You Been?

One person I’ve been missing lately is Robert England. Always adding to any film, I;m glad he is around this October for his latest film NIGHTWORLD! Which also stars Jason London. We have an exclusive clip below just for you…. (Read more)

First Image For The Strangers 2

After what is near a decade, The Strangers are finally set to return in Strangers: Prey at Night. The film will hit a full 10 years after the original this March. The cast includes Martin Henderson, Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison and… (Read more)

Review: M.F.A. Is The Most Important Film This Year!

It was only three years ago visual arts student at Columbia University, Emma Sulkowicz, carried her mattress across the stage at graduation, to bring awareness to rape and sexual assault on college campuses. In the last five years, college campuses… (Read more)

Review: Exploring The House on Rodeo Gulch

An idyllic, isolated house in the middle of a forested area. Absolutely nothing could go wrong. House on Rodeo Gulch is a movie that works to subvert your expectations, even while making use of clichés. We begin with a broken… (Read more)