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#Screamfest Jennica Drinks In The Master Cleanse


Carrying around excess baggage and toxic energy can really weigh a person down over time. The longer you hold onto the monster inside of you, the larger and more ferocious it will grow… until it finally consumes you. But it… (Read more)

Release Details For Rob Zombie’s 31 Blu-ray


New scary movies on DVD and Blu – Rob Zombie’s latest bloodfest, 31, will be available just in time for Christmas! Now that is a stocking stuffer! read on for the breakdown and get ready to enter hell once again… Press… (Read more)

Los Angeles! Dark Harbor’s Haunted Halloween Bash Returns!


Got plans for Halloween proper? How about hitting the dance floor and rubbing elbows with the restless spirits of the Queen Mary? Sound like a plan? I thought so. The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is hosting a Halloween dance party… (Read more)

#Screamfest Pictures From The Premiere Of THE MASTER CLEANSE


This past Saturday at Screamfest in Los Angeles marked the premiere of THE MASTER CLEANSE, starring Johnny Galecki and Angelica Huston. Johnny Galecki along with Chris Hardwick attended the premiere and you can check out those pics along with a clip below…… (Read more)

THE WALKING DEAD – How Negan Killed Hope And Saved A Hopeless Show


SPOILER WARNING. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK ABOUT THE WALKING DEAD WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT LAST NIGHTS DEATHS. This is a bit of a conundrum. I had given up on The Walking Dead years ago, only watching out of habit. My… (Read more)

Watch Two Clips From ASH VS EVIL DEAD S02E04


With the shocking ending of last week’s episode, I’ve been wondering where things were going next. I won’t spoil anything but the Delta is on the loose and out for blood even after… well, anyways, check out these two clips… (Read more)

Promo Clip For WOLF CREEK S01E02


Tonight’s episode of the WOLF CREEK event series pushes things further as our sole survivor must make her way in the Australian outback alone and with little help. Meanwhile, Mick becomes aware that his last kill may not be complete. We have… (Read more)