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First Trailer For MÉXICO BARBARO


Following last week’s announcement we now have our first real look at MÉXICO BARBARO, an anthology that drops Mexico into the mix. Check out the trailer and stills from this haunting new film. Eight Mexican directors have united to create a… (Read more)

Happy Halloween: What Halloween Means To Ace Jenna

ace jenna halloween

Happy Halloween Friends. Everyone gets a little something different from Halloween. Me, I love it but it’s a little more than that and also not in the way you may be thinking. So check out my latest video and see… (Read more)



THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES is a tale of brotherly love! Who other then your own flesh and blood could you possibly fulfill your twisted joint murders with? Thomas (Jon Kondelik) and Charles (Graham Denman) two half brothers with a plot for a… (Read more)

Release Details For A Christmas Horror Story


Just in time for the holidays come one of the best movies of the year… A Christmas Horror Story. If you haven’t seen this film yet you are missing out. However, it will be available for you to bring home on… (Read more)

Release Details For THE DIABOLICAL


Fall is definitely a ghost in your house kind of season and that is not always a good thing. In fact, in THE DIABOLICAL, it’s a very bad thing. Find out for your self when the film drops November 3rd and… (Read more)