Check Out the Trailer For Muck

MUCK final one sheet

Muck promises to be something different and that is a good thing. Practical effects, no CGI and hyper violent movies are at a minimum right now and I for one am glad that Muck, a kickstarter project, reached its goal. If you want to see something different and Kane Hodder to boot, check this out! Continue reading

Review: Stonehearst Asylum Is Worth Visiting


The inmates are running the asylum. The origin of the phrase is most often attributed to Charlie Chaplin, but it was certainly put into practice years before when Edgar Allan Poe wrote the story “The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether”. That story is the basis for the new Brand Anderson film Stonehearst Asylum. Continue reading

Full Gallery For The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death


With the release just weeks away, it’s time to check out the full gallery for Hammer’s sequel The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. The action jumps ahead to WWII in this one where children are housed in the creepy place during an evacuation. Let the night terrors commence! Continue reading

Check Out Until Dawn With 10 Minutes of New Footage!


If you are a horror fan and don’t own a PS4, it may be time to start saving. The new Playstation exclusive, Until Dawn, is ramping up promotions. We received 8 minutes of gameplay and a cut scene from the upcoming game where everything you do actually effects every other character’s story-lines individually!!! This is a whole new step in gaming and I for one, cannot wait. Check out the footage below… Continue reading

First Pics From Bigfoot Flick The Fiance With Carrie Keagan


Bigfoot returns yet again in The Fiance, starring Carrie Keagan and Dallas Valdez. In the film, Keagan will show off a wild side we haven’t seen before as she battles Bigfoot and anyone else who gets in her way! Check out the first pics below… Continue reading