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Trailer for Clawing! A Journey Through The Spanish Horror

Spanish horror is finally getting some love. It has taken a few decades of awesome films but it seems that American horror fans will finally get a chance to be exposed to some of these great atmospheric movies. Sure, they are around for fans, but the casual horror fan who may not know of these films or what they are about, haven't had the chance to really explore them in an informative doc. When it comes to foreign horror, it's pretty much Hammer or nothing. All that has changed with the upcoming release of CLAWING! by Victor Matellano. As you can see in the trailer, are a lot of people influenced by the the genre. Have a look...

First Teaser For Vampyres Remake Starring Caroline Munro

Vampyres is one of my ALL TIME favorite films. It has everything I love about horror. A large old dark house, sexy women, vampires, forbidden sex, you name it, this movie has it. It's one of the first films I ever reviewed here. Well it appears that original director, Jose Larraz was spearheading a remake but died in pre production. The film was finished and is on it's way and we have the details as well as the first teaser for the film.

Rob Zombie's Zombie Horror Picture Show Gets a Trailer!

After years of teasing, Rob Zombie is finally delivering his feature length music experience to the public. I have probably been to about 15 Zombie shows since 1989 so I've seen every incarnation of the band. Though there is nothing like a live show, it will be interesting to see what zombie brings to the home show. I have to admit, it looks awesome.

New Images and Trailer For Showtime's Penny Dreadful!

With Showtime's new horror all star show Penny Dreadful premiering May 11th, we are getting closer looks at the world we will be diving into. We have a new trailer and a ton of new images. Some  of the imagery reminds me of From Hell which is a good thing.

Now You Can Call Santánico Pandemonium's Party Line!

From Dusk Till Dawn The Series has proven pretty damn awesome. It has expanded the situations and taken some unexpected but surprisingly effective turns. For those of you that still need more, El Rey Network has something special for you. They've set up a party line that you can call and speak with Santánico. There are even some cool goodies involved.

Review - Locker 13 (2014)

It's been a big couple of years for anthologies and there isn't any sign of things slowing down. Some are good, like VHS, and some are bad, like so many that I won't name. Amongst the good pile is a new thriller called LOCKER 13.

Silent Hill: Lost Days is a Little Disturbing

Every now and again we get a fan film that actually works on some level. When it comes to Silent Hill, that is harder than it seems. Silent Hill 2 was my favorite and I can't say enough about it. It was just such a haunting story that I recommend to everyone. I have been waiting for them to capture that story on screen, something the first film set up good enough but the sequel went a different route.

New Stills and Trailer for The Devil's Knot, the Story of the West Memphis 3!

It's been 20 years since the murders of three young boys in the Robin Hood Hills of West Memphis. After three documentaries that offer everything you need to know (and a few things you didn't want to), it seems odd to have a film based on it. That being said, I am interested in this one. It seems to have something to say. The film is called The Devil's Knot. Check out the trailer and details below...

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