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Get Caught In THE SNARE This January


Ever been out drinking too much and the furniture seems out to get you? What if an entire apartment was out to get you in a very supernatural way? That is the premise of THE SNARE, coming January from Uncork’d Entertainment…. (Read more)

Watch Two Clips From Underworld: Blood Wars


You really get a sense of the grizzled warrior that Selene has become in the new clip from Underworld: Blood Wars. She was always cold, but there is a sense of weariness about her now. I don’t know where this journey will… (Read more)

Brace Yourself For The Belko Experiment


Greg McLean has been a busy guy. In addition to The Darkness and producing the Wolf Creek event series, he has another film in the can and this looks bonkers in the best way. Prepare yourself for The Belko Experiment…… (Read more)

Latest FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Clip Makes A Statement


With two weeks to go for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON, we have a new featurette that provides commentary from both Kim Dickens and  Dave Erickson. Check it out below… AMC’s fan favorite chilling and tension-filled original… (Read more)

Brad Peyton Talks WWE, Possession, and Incarnate


Greetings, guys and ghouls! This week, directer Brad Peyton (San Andreas) gushed about his experience working with WWE stars, the paranormal, and his debut horror film Incarnate. Incarnate will be in theaters this Friday, December 2nd. JL: Incarnate is your… (Read more)

Stills And Trailer For NEVER OPEN THE DOOR


If you miss the days of the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits then this is for you! Christopher Maltauro’s twisted tale of darkness and shadows looks to pray on our basic fears this December. Check out the trailer and stills… (Read more)

This December, be afraid of SECRET SANTA!


This season, there are a lot of holiday horror goodies to choose from and the latest is Secret Santa. A fun retro style slasher that aims to make the vibrant reds of Christmas bleed like never before. Check out the… (Read more)