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Epic Pictures To Throw A KILLER PARTY


Epic Pictures is on a roll this year and now they are really bringing the goodness, get ready for a zombie attack happening while you’re trapped in the worst possible place. Get ready for a KILLER PARTY! Check out the trailer… A… (Read more)

Return To WOLF CREEK This October


It looks like new cable network POP will be bringing us the WOLF CREEK limited series just in time for Halloween. John Jarratt returns to the role and will deliver some hardcore horror to enjoy this Halloween. LOS ANGELES, CA – July… (Read more)

Freddy, Jason, Leatherface and Michael Come To Universal Halloween Horror Nights


This year’s Halloween Horror Nights promises to be the biggest ever with several of our classic slashers appearing together in the same night. Can you handle Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and Michael Myers? Universal City, CA, July XX, 2016 –… (Read more)

Bring On The FEMALE Pinhead For New HELLRAISER


If Ghostbusters and the president can be female… Why not Pinhead? I just can’t get over what has happened to the Hellraiser franchise. We can all debate the merits of all of the sequels past part 2, but yesterday’s news… (Read more)

First Look At New Pinhead in HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT


It’s been a long road for Hellraiser: Judgment but the film is on the way and I can’t help but get excited. The big question/concern since this all began has been Pinhead. Who will play him and what will he… (Read more)

#SDCC 2016 Watch The ALIENS 30th Anniversary Panel


Probably one of the most exciting things for fans at SDCC this year was the ALIENS 30th Anniversary Panel. It’s been years since these guys have been together and not only was it great to hear stories from the past… (Read more)



If you are a fan of ASH VS EVIL DEAD (and seriously, who isn’t?) then you can get excited about the next season of this awesome show because they have some awesome things planed. Don’t take my word for it though…. (Read more)