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Event Review: Halloween Horror Nights 2017

The reigning king of Halloween haunts, Universal Halloween Horror Nights, once again has opened and continues to create a marriage of classic horror and current chills! When the sun goes down, the Hollywood themed amusement park turns into a horrific… (Read more)

Gloria Chills With COLD MOON

Are you ready for October? Do you have all your favorite scary, horror and slashers movies lined up and ready to go? Well get ready! and add this horror-thriller to your list, Cold Moon from Uncork’d Entertainment. Cold Moon is a 2016 drama-horror film… (Read more)

Info-graph: THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2 Scariest Haunted Houses

This Friday, you can get ready for haunt season by revisiting old friend in THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT 2. But this time you don’t have to go in blind this year! We have a graph to help you out. Here is a… (Read more)

First Trailer And Exclusive Stills For TRUTH OR DARE

Nick Simon, the director of last year’s wicked slasher The Girl In The Photographs, is back with a whole new game. But where his last film was a classy and haunting exercise in fear, TRUTH OR DARE lets the blood flow. We… (Read more)

Leatherface Joins DEAD BY DAYLIGHT

After the awesomeness of Michael Myers was added to DEAD BY DAYLIGHT last year, I wondered if any other licenced characters would be joining the ranks of killers. Well yesterday we got a surprise…LEATHERFACE! Yes. He is available now to… (Read more)

Jamie Lee Curtis To Return As Laurie Strode In Blumhouse’s Halloween

There hasn’t been much revealed on Blumhouse and Miramax’s reboot of the John Carpenter classic Halloween. The biggest news so far has been that John Carpenter himself will be producing the film and possibly scoring. But today just hours before… (Read more)


If you are looking for a slow burn with some kick to start the season off, might I suggest ‘The Basement,’ premiering at the Shriekfest Film Festival this weekend. LOS ANGELES, CA (SEPTEMBER XX, 2017) – Pasadena, California-based production company Conley Entertainment… (Read more)