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All New Trailer For House of Manson

Summer is almost over but it's still August. It's only fitting that we have an all new trailer for Branden Slagle's House of Manson which feature's Tristan Risk as Abigail Foldger. Have a look below...

Check Out The New American Horror Story: Freakshow Teasers

There is a lot of carnival horror coming our way lately. Not a complaint. I am especially excited about the new season of American Horror Story: Freakshow. We have some new teasers to look at that give us a taste. Enjoy.

Review: Take A Swim With The Killer Mermaid (2014)

Every now and again I come across a film that is kinda of quiet sleeper. A film that is pretty decent, but yet gets less press than the latest Found Footage fiasco. The film I’m talking about today is Killer Mermaid and this is one that is worth getting into the water for.

First Trailer For Egyptian Thriller The Pyramid

After collecting dust for well over a year, Site 146 is coming to theaters under the name The Pyramid. The film looks to be a bit of a Mummy thriller which would be great although there could be something more "alien" inside as well. Check out the trailer below...

Pre-Order Scream Factory's Squirm Collector's Edition

Halloween always sends a chill down the spine, but this year, you will get more than you bargained for with the release of Scream Factory's Collector's Edition. Loaded with special features, this film will bring the ick in the best way possible, Read on for details...

Release Details For Paranormal Diaries: Clophill

For those who loved The Zombie Diaries and have been waiting for more, you will soon have a whole new set of diaries to peruse. Get ready for The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill.

Alleluia The Devil's Carnival 2 Wraps Production!

For the army of fans awaiting the second episode of The Devil's Carnival, you are a step closer to dancing in hell once again. Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich have indeed finished the second installment of their hellish horror musical and if you thought the first one was large in scope, wait till you see this one!

First Clip From See No Evil 2 Has Katharine Isabelle Riding A Stiff One (In a Fun Way)

After what seems like forever, we have our first clip from the new Soska Sisters film, See No Evil 2. I'm very interested to see what they will bring to the Jacob Goodnight saga since they will no doubt give the potential franchise a shot in the arm. As per usual, the Soskas shake things up and push the envelope in the first clip featuring Katharine Isabelle! Check it out below...

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