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Game Review: White Night Is A Classy Return To Survival Horror

White Night_Launch Screenshot_5

The video game world has become overrun with monsters and zombies, giant boss battles and endless combat. With so much of this, it is nice when a game comes along that manages to make you feel scared again. Not just… (Read more)

Official: Sigourney Weaver Returning In Alien 5!


In what would seem obvious, we now have conformation that Sigourney Weaver is ready to battle aliens once again. Sure we all assumed she’d be back, including her, but in this day and age, nothing is for certain. Until now…

New Trailer For Echoes

BD62841lit echoes bd

Dreams and reality are two separate things of course, but what would happen if those worlds became the same. Would it be good or really bad? I guess that depends on the person. The new film Echoes explores those things… (Read more)

#SXSW Trailer For Nina Forever


Nina Forever revolves around a love triangle between two girls and a guy. Typical. The three are in a sexual a relationship. We’ve seen that before. Well, here’s where it gets interesting, Nina is dead. Not undead, not zombie dead,… (Read more)

Review: Buzzard (2015)


Temps are often thought of as evil. They are not “one of us”, they are outsiders that have hidden agendas. Is this even remotely true? In the case of director Joel Potrykus’ Buzzard, it most certainly is. Marty is not the… (Read more)