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REVIEW: ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2 Premiere Is Better Than Most Films


ASH VS EVIL DEAD is the answer to horror fans dreams being the first 80’s classic to become a series and with its original team no less. After a fantastic first season that ended back at that “cozy little cabin”,… (Read more)

Jennica Gazes Into The Mind’s Eye


Zach Connors and Rachel Meadows possess the innate power of psychokinesis, the ability to move objects as well as people with their minds. Eager to adopt this natural talent, demented Dr. Michael Slovak holds the two masterminds captive in order… (Read more)

Release Details For She Who Must Burn


A more current take on the modern day witch is on its way this October when Midnight Releasing brings us She Who Must Burn starring Firefly’s Jewel Staite. Today we have the first stills and trailer. Have a look. Los Angeles, CA –… (Read more)

Summer Explores THE DARK TAPES


THE DARK TAPES (written, directed and edited by Michael McQuown) is a found-footage horror anthology film, consisting of four short “tapes” from various years. “To Catch A Demon” (directed by Vincent J. Guastini), “The Hunters And The Hunted”, “Cam Girls”,… (Read more)

The VAMPYRES Remake Comes To The U.S. This October


One of my all time favorites, VAMPYRES, from Joseph Larraz was remade shortly after his death a coupole of years ago and was actually started by Larraz himself. The film, which was on the festival circuit last year, is finally coming… (Read more)

Trailer For 4K 30th anniversary HENRY: The Portrait of a Serial Killer


For those who miss true violence and indifference, the film that disturbed audiences and made people fear strangers returns in a new 4k transfer, HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER. We have the all new trailer below… It was a true… (Read more)

New Trailer For


For those looking for something straight up, there is a new film on the festival circuit called starring R.A. Mihailoff and Jewel Shepard. Check out the trailer and stills below… Los Angeles, CA – MuchoMuchoMucho Productions and Firefly Films have uploaded… (Read more)