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Evil Dead The Series Starring Bruce Campbell? That's The Latest Word!

Every year we get a new set of rumors swirling around The Evil Dead. It's become par for the course for Evil Dead fans. At Comic-Con, Sam Raimi had new news for us concerning the future of the series and for once, I have hope.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Comic-Con Trailer

Comic-Con wasn't going to come and go without some Sin City goodness dropping into our laps. We're just weeks away from revisiting Marv and the gang and now we have our biggest and most diverse look at what we are in for.

New Art From Rob Zombie's 31 Shows More Terror!

There has been a lot of speculation about Rob Zombie's 31 and what its about. Many thought it was the much talked about Halloween 3, but Zombie himself soon came out to reveal that it is an original film. Other than the fact that it seems to take place on Halloween, we know very little. However, this new piece of art gives us a better idea of what to expect. Have a look...

SDCC 2014: Mad Max Fury Road Trailer and Character Posters

After waiting forever, we have more Mad Max news to enjoy. In addition to the poster we got earlier this week, we now have four new character posters plus the release of the first trailer. Enjoy...

Universal Adds Werewolf Film WER To It's Monster Army. Check Out The Trailer!

WER is a werewolf film that has been floating around for some time. It is a sharp modern day werewolf tale that is well worth watching. Can't figure out why it never found a home except for maybe the fact that director William Brent Bell's film The Devil Inside was very badly received. In any case, the film is coming home via Universal. Read on for the details and trailer...

Universal To Reluanch Its Classic Monsters In Combined Universe

Universal has time and again failed to make true use of there much loved, classic monster catalog. The last attempt was their ill fated Universal Monsters Online which died a quick death after moving from BETA to LIVE. It was fun while it lasted. Now Universal is at it again by taking a page from Marvel.

Blu Ray Release Details: The Sacrament, Godzilla, Interview With The Vampire

New titles have been announced recently to add some goodness to your collection. Each representing horror at different levels. I loved Interview" back then, loved "Sacrament" now. Godzilla was cool but I wanted more. Anyway, check out the details...

SDCC 2014: First Trailer For Constantine

I've been very excited about Constantine. It seems like this may be a step in the right direction for DC who have struggled to bring their characters to the screen in proper incarnations (lets face it, Arrow is far from the character we know and love). With Matt Ryan as John Constantine, it seems that they are casting the right actor rather than another pretty boy. Have a look for yourself...

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