Latest Clip From The Pyramid Brings Guns To A Monster Fight!


A new and creepy clip has surfaced for The Pyramid, Alexandre Aja and Gregory Levasseur take on Egyptian horror. This one is simple but effective. Denis O’Hare speaks into the camera and explains the situation. It is NOT good… Continue reading

Blade Runner Sequel Details! Ridley Scott NOT Directing!


So much going on with Ridley Scott these days. In addition to the Prometheus sequel, he has been developing a Blade Runner sequel as well. We’ve caught a few tidbits here and there but now Scott breaks down not only his role, but Harrison Ford’s role as well.  Continue reading

First Image From Eli Roth’s South of Hell


Those of us waiting for something new from Eli Roth won’t have to wait long for some new goodness from him. Since Green Inferno is currently trapped in legal woes, we at least have him coming to the small screen with South of Hell, and he won’t be alone. Continue reading

Anchor Bay Opens Up The Atticus Institute


The psychotic mind behind the hit, The Conjuring, has proven that he is warped and now is seeking help. The answer? How about checking into The Atticus Institute with the help of Anchor Bay?  Continue reading

War Is Coming In Salem Season 2


Last season, Salem proved to be a solid show, filled with dark imagery. The witches of Salem are on opposite sides of their ultimate goal, to take over the town and destroy the governing faction. Have a look at the teaser below… Continue reading