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New Behind The Scenes Pics From Rob Zombie’s 31


Rob Zombie’s 31 was picked up for distribution in April by Alchemy. We don’t know when the release will be scheduled but since since they have a built in fanbase, it could still make it out for Halloween, though likely March… (Read more)

Poster Art Revealed For Ash Vs Evil Dead


With just a couple of more months till its debut, we get our first look at the official poster art for Ash Vs Evil Dead starring Bruce Campbell as our favorite sort of hero! This is a nice poster that really says… (Read more)

Jenna Breaks Down The Horror Of Big Ass Spider

Big Ass Spider Horror

Friends. I don’t want to blow your minds, but this week you get to see me review a movie that I actually liked! Not just liked, but REALLY LIKED! I mean, spiders are horrifying and I hope to never see… (Read more)

First Trailer For THE WITCH


I love New England. It is so full of that special horrific beauty that you can’t get anywhere else. This is the setting for THE WITCH, which will make its debut at The Toronto Film Festival. Yes it is a… (Read more)

UNTIL DAWN Drops An Interactive Trailer


The most exciting game release this year for horror is UNTIL DAWN, the interactive slasher game that puts you and your decisions at the center of the horror. With the game launching next week, we have a new taste of… (Read more)