New Clip Brings Us Closer To Day Of The Mummy


I’m really hoping Day of the Mummy is entertaining. We need a good Mummy movie and this looks interesting enough. Time will tell but the premise is cool sounding though I am a bit weary of how much POV they will be using. Check out the this clip below and see what you think… Continue reading

New Pics And Trailer For Woman In Black: Angel Of Death


Today we have a fresh look at The Woman In Black: Angel of Death. The new tale will hit theaters next year but these should hold you over till then… Continue reading

Check Out A Horde Of Images From Resident Evil HD


Though we still have a couple of months to go, we have new images for the new Resident Evil HD. Its been a while since I dusted off my Gamecube and played this classic but I am excited for the all new graphics and better controls. Check out the images, they’re awesome! Continue reading

The First Clip From The Pyramid Will Give You Gas


The Pyramid hits theaters December 5th. We will soon learn just what is lurking within and I for one, can’t wait. Since it will be here in two weeks, we now have a clip for you and it is dirty! Have a look… Continue reading

Reviews: The Divine Tragedies (2014)


Murder is often the most transcendent of actions, the act of becoming through destruction. But what kind of person seeks transcendence through murder? The frail, the weak? Products of an overbearing alcoholic mother, two brothers set out on this path in Divine Tragedies, the new film from Jose Prendes. Continue reading