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Review: TRIANGLE 2016


A group of friends receive a mysterious postcard from their friend Nathaniel, who has been estranged for three years. He has been living in a “Burning Man” inspired commune, far out of the reach of society. Though that sound like a… (Read more)

Event Review: BLACK SABBATH at the Hollywood Bowl 9.19.16


The Children of the Night were out in full force to support the Godfathers of Heavy Metal. The term Heavy Metal was popularized by Creem magazine critic Lester Bangs in a series of articles about Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin… (Read more)



PITCHFORK is an interesting looking slasher we caught wind of a few months ago. It seems that this generation’s monster, as he’s being toted, has found a home at Uncork’d Entertainment. Read on for the details… From The Press Release – Home… (Read more)

Summer Visits CLOWN TOWN


For many people, clowns are the stuff of nightmares, and CLOWN TOWN (dir. Tom Nagel) aims to prey on that fear. Part road-trip-gone-wrong and part town-with-a-secret, with heavy references to HALLOWEEN (YEAR), CLOWN TOWN is a film that pays tribute… (Read more)

TONIGHT SHE COMES 7″ Limited Edition Vinyl


Tonight She Comes is a twisted revenge tale with supernatural elements concerning a woman who is sacrificed and then returns from the grave for retribution. This cool little indie film will be accompanied by an equally cool limited edition vinyl 7″ Tonight… (Read more)

Interview: Director Tom Nagel Talks CLOWNTOWN


Recently, SINFUL CELLULOID’s Summer Van Der Wolf got to speak with Tom Nagel, the director of the upcoming CLOWNTOWN. SC: While you’ve done shorts before, this is your first feature film. What got you into directing? TN: Growing up, I… (Read more)

Haunt Review: CreepLA Ups The Creep Factor This Year


Last year’s break out haunt was easily CreepLA, a fully immersive experience that set the bar high for haunts across the nation. Rather than a torture experience or a jump scare walk through, CreepLA functions as a deep psychological decent… (Read more)