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Interview With ‘Phoenix Forgotten’ Director – Justin Barber.

A new found footage film was released this past weekend into theaters, Phoneix Forgotten. The movie focuses on the real events of March 13th, 1997 when strange lights flooded the sky over Phoenix, Arizona! This phenomenon could not be explained… (Read more)

Vincent Guastini Talks THE DARK TAPES And DEADLY SKIES

FX master Vincent Guastini has made the jump to directing and if you’ve every seen him work (and you definitely have), you may be wondering what took so long. The only question you should be asking though is why haven’t you… (Read more)

Arrow Video To Release ‘Re-Animator’ This Summer!

Arrow Video is on fire! Just last week we were met with the fantastic news about Arrow’s new label, “Arrow Books” and now Arrow is releasing a cult classic loaded with a ton of extras, Re-Animator! This is Arrow’s only… (Read more)

FRIDAY THE 13TH Is Almost Here And Here Is A Launch Announcement!

After we have spent over a year anxiously waited for FRIDAY THE 13TH the game to become a reality, it is almost here. We now have a release date for the game and it is ONE MONTH AWAY. The game will… (Read more)

Get Ready To Be Possessed By AMERICAN EXORCISM

Looks like more and more horror are going for that period feel and for sure it is appreciated. The latest film to take place in the past is AMERICAN EXORCISM from Uncork’d Entertainment. Check out the trailer below… Just your… (Read more)

Review: THE ENDLESS Is A Thought Provoking Personal Horror

Do we ever really know where we are going or where we have been? What if we were trapped in a n endless loop but conscious of it? These are truly terrifying concepts if you delve into them and exactly… (Read more)

#Tribeca – First Clip And Promo For THE ENDLESS

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are back with a new thriller that once again takes you on a journey unlike anything you have witnessed before. The film is called THE ENDLESS and it makes its premiere tonight at the Tribeca… (Read more)