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Retro-Review: Husk (2011) – Killer scarecrows are coming for you!

“There’s something in the corn”. Not many scarecrows are more frightening than the scarecrow the band Samhain used on the cover of their album entitled November-Coming-Fire but picture this… unnaturally fast scarecrows wearing creepy masks, chasing you through a lonely… (Read more)

First Trailer For JIGSAW Lures You In

I love SAW! I really do. Not every film was outstanding but it is amazing how they managed to fit into a complete story that took place over a few days. Now SAW returns and it may be partially due… (Read more)

#SDCC First Trailer For THE WALKING DEAD Season 8

Yes it’s that time of year when THE WALKING DEAD returns to reap zombie havoc on us all with the first exciting trailer. This season looks like they are actually gonna have some decent pacing but we’ll see. Check out the… (Read more)

Get Ready For Some Deviant Behavior

40 years after THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, there is still horror and questionable behavior coming out of Texas. In fact,m not just questionable, but deviant! Check out the first trailer for Deviant Behavior below… “Deviant Behavior”, Directed by Jacob Grim… (Read more)

Gloria Has Her Eye On The Gracefield Incident

“Do you have to film everything?” Yes! we are back in the realm of found-footage films! This first person point of view style(also knows as POV shot) is probably one of my favorite filming styles. You can really get a… (Read more)

The Deadly Women of The Craft

One of my favorite movies came about in 1996. This isn’t a popular thing to say, because film snobs everywhere will argue nothing good comes from modern media. Tonight I ask of you all to put down the pens and… (Read more)

A New Dark Harbor Spirit And Maze To Debut At Midsummer Scream

Every year, THE QUEEN MARY DARK HARBOR pulls out all the stops with its impressive Halloween event. There is always something new to enjoy and this year is no different! At this year’s Midsummer Scream Event, Dark Harbor will be… (Read more)