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A forgotten H.P. Lovecraft adaption is finally coming back to us and in HD! The film is LURKING FEAR which stars Jeffery Combs and Ashley Laurence. The Fullmoon classic is on it’s way and we have the details… C.Courtney Joyner’s classic horror… (Read more)

Anarchy Parlor Comes To Blu-ray Tuesday


One of my favorite films of 2015 was Anarchy Parlor, a sexy and gory thriller which introduced The Artist, a tattooist with a very specific skill and client base. It’s a solid film and introduces a great new character as… (Read more)

Release Details For HARDCORE HENRY


The first person shooter that blew your brains out is back as Hardcore aka Hardcore Henry makes it’s way to home video so you can trip on it over and over again. Read on for the details… THE REVOLUTIONARY FIRST-PERSON… (Read more)

First Official Trailer For CLOWNTOWN


It’s been a while since we’ve had anything official to say about CLOWNTOWN but we now have a trailer and the film just looks weird in the best way. That’s mostly because clowns are weird but have…thems the breaks. I’m… (Read more)

Gage/Downs To Bring Horror/Comedy CYNTHIA To The Screen

Sid Haig in Cynthia

After tattooing your soul with their gory and erotic horror Anarchy Parlor, Directors Kenny Gage and Devon Downs are finishing up principal photography on an all-new terror to give you nightmares. The film is called CYNTHIA and you aren’t gonna… (Read more)

First Teaser And New Image From THE RAKING


The new creature feature, THE RAKING, has finished principal photography. The film is a classic return to traditional horror and film making techniques. Read on for the details and teaser… Los Angeles production company Lesson 1 Entertainment is proud to… (Read more)

BREAKING: Blumhouse Announces New HALLOWEEN Movie With John Carpenter


Tonight I was invited to a clandestine meeting at Blumhouse Pictures. No details, no hints, no ideas. All that changed once we were seated in the dark screening room. A few nameless faces walked in followed by Jason Blum and… (Read more)