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#SinfulSaturday Alicia Enjoys KISS ME QUICK (1964)


Hello sinners. Just watched a really weird flick called “Kiss Me Quick”. Kinda a titty monster movie (or monster titty movie :P). Anyway, its fun but not scary. However, if you are having a little horror party and want something… (Read more)

L.A. Slasher Has First Public Screening


You’ve heard of it and you’ve been afraid. Now face your fear! L.A. Slasher is coming to L.A. tomorrow in its first public screening. See the film that takes a look at reality from its own black and bloody heart… (Read more)

#FemmeFataleFriday: Witchboard 2 (Blu-Ray)


Woman and Ouija boards are a dangerous combination in movies. Just saying. There always seems to be a lot of death and destruction that follows with such a fun and family orientated game like Ouija. There is a lot of… (Read more)

Review: Tricia Gets Her Fill Of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3


You may have loved it, you may have hated it or you may have even thought the idea was taken a little too far.  Either way, you have heard about it and it did catch your attention. When I first… (Read more)

Meet The Girl With No Pants – Dolly Hearts


Dolly Hearts aka Miranda here! Sharing and discussing horror is one of my favorite passed times. Nothing makes me happier than when I find a new fellow horror lover. I put together this little video biography for you all to… (Read more)

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