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We haven’t heard anything from HOUSE OF MANSON lately, but after NBC’s AQUARIUS, I’m looking forward to it. Early reviews of Ryan Kiser’s performance have been positive so I’m curious. The up and coming film now has a U.K. release date… (Read more)

Horror Gets Biblical In JERUZALEM

JERUZALEM_KA_recent horror films

Hey sinners! I usually shy away from biblical stuff for obvious reasons BUT this looks cool. The film is JERUZALEM and even though it’s Found Footage, I think it looks We have a new trailer today and the film is being brought… (Read more)

Jenna Breaks Down The Horror of SCREAM OF THE DEMON LOVER

Jenna Breaks Down Scream of the Demon Lover

Friends. Has it ever taken you six hours to watch a two hour movie, because you needed to take frequent breaks to maintain your own sanity? Well, now I can say that I have as well! SCREAM OF THE DEMON… (Read more)

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Brings The Monster Back To Life


Victor Frankenstein is a name embedded on our souls. A man we know so well, yet who we are reintroduced to time and again. Among some scary facts, there have been over 50 Frankenstein films (actually well over 50 depending on… (Read more)

A Shaky Boxoffice Year For Horror Films


What are some scary movies that hit this year? Is horror at a crossroads right now? That is the question on all our minds. 2015 brought a lot of heavy hitters to the table yet they failed to capture our… (Read more)

Review: Venetia Has A Happy THANKSKILLING


‘Turkeyologists all over the world know it as…. ThanksKilling’. Oh the holidays, good food, family, what more could you ask for? How about a demonic killer turkey?  A 2008 horror comedy, ThanksKilling is brought to us by writer and director… (Read more)

Celebrate The Holidays With Jessica Cameron’s MANIA


A lot of fans have been waiting for Jessica Cameron’s Mania, her latest film that stars Tristan Risk , Ellie Church, and much like her first film, TRUTH OR DARE, it gives you an experience like no other. Are you in?… (Read more)