pinterest-858fa Sinful Celluloid: November 2011

Busty and Bloody: Fangs Of The Living Dead (1969)

“The coldness of the grave is in my blood”

During the late 60’s and early 70’s it seemed that every film that came out had living dead affixed to the title. As films were brought over and retitled, distributors felt it was a sure fire way to get buts in the seats. Night of the Living Dead had just been a huge hit. This made the pre internet days of tracking down sources extremely slow and near impossible. 1969’s Malenka is such a film.

Sexual Daydreams: The Devil's Nightmare (1971)

Have you ever watched a horror film and wondered what would have happened if the characters had taken a different road, had they turned left instead of right? I have, quite often as a matter of fact. Devil’s Nightmare is such a film. It would make a nice double feature with Vampire’s Night Orgy as it opens with a bus full of travelers who instead of ending up in a village full of Vampires; they end up in a castle with a devil worshiping succubus running loose.

The pleasure of creation: The Erotic Rites Of Frankenstein (1972)

I used to love mom and pop video stores. Finding some old rarely rented tape was always a nice treat for taking the time in the aisles of old movies. One afternoon I found a tape at a store specializing in rare films that would alter the way I looked at classic monsters. The film was Jess Franco’s Erotic Rites of Frankenstein. How could you pass up on a title like that? 

The truth about Lenore: The Spectre Of Edgar Allan Poe (1974)

Nevermore said the raven, Nevermore. Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven was first published in January of 1845 and has emerged as his most often quoted works. It concerns an unnamed scholar and Lenore, the scholar’s lost love who first surfaced in the poem “Lenore” in 1843. But who was Lenore and how did she die? That is the idea played with in the forgotten little film “The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe.
Opening on a tree with the words “Edgar loves Lenore” carved into it; we are introduced to Adam Forrest who claims to have known Edgar and the elusive Lenore.

We are then introduced to Edgar as he is being chastised by his employer for his writing. Lenore, his faithful lover, advises him to concentrate on writing poems and stories. After running through a gothic garden together, she passes out and appears dead.

Midnight Plaything: Scream Of The Demon Lover (1970)

Half naked women walking through dark hallways with candelabras, I must admit, this is a weakness of mine.  I blame Creepy #39 for that. It was a wonderfully sinister cover featuring a beautiful blonde with candelabra welcoming you into her terrifying home.  It is this cover that has led me time and again to European horror. 70’s euro horror melded a modern sensibility with gothic settings and traditional monsters. In my opinion, it never got better than that, and it has remained the back bone of all I do creatively. 

When I first saw the poster for “Scream of the Demon Lover” or Il castello dalle porte di fuoco (Castle at the gates of hell), I was immediately drawn in and had to watch it. Erna Schürer is Ivanna

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