Friday the 13th hotties: The Sexy Celluloid Sinners of Camp Crystal Lake

If you grew up loving 80s horror movies like the Friday the 13th series it partially because of the women. Let’s face it, most of the men in the series were morons, assholes, or the worst that comic con would have to offer. So whether you were a man or a woman, the women are who usually had your attention. So, in honor of Friday the 13th, here is my list of the top 13 Friday the 13th hotties.

  • Jim Garrison

    Kirsten Baker by a landslide. I love the 70’s-early 90’s girls with their tiny shorts, leg warmers, midriff shirts, high hip bikini bottoms, bubbly attitudes, and nice hairy muffs. Kirsten Baker had it all. She was hot as sin and knew how to show it off. Nice handfull-size titties to reach around and grab ahold of while you’re ramming that world class ass from behind. Mmmmm mmmmm, she wouldn’t see my face for atleast an hour!