From Veronica Carlson to Barbara Steele: Top 13 European Horror Film Hotties!

“Horror is an interesting paradox. On one hand, it is a genre that breaks the rules of what is and is not acceptable by society, and on the other, it is a genre of strict rules that cannot be beat from under penalty of obscurity. Dimly lit areas and the targeting of friends are commonplace in this world, and though there are films that break these rules and go on to hold a place in our hearts, one rule is strictly enforced, the women of a horror film must rock. No other genre consistently gives you eyeful after eyeful of beautiful women like the horror genre (porn not withstanding). Every era has its own beauties, today we’re going to look at the Top 13 European Horror Film Hotties.

“The Grindhouse Gothique era which ranges from the mid-60s through the mid-70s was a time when the horror was simply “dirty”. This is a time when all the rules were broken, and horror mutated from dark fairytales into explorations and manifestations of our most primal urges. Though the horror starlet was born on the stages of Universal Pictures, it was the European starlet that brought power to the convention.