What happens in Vegas will definitely stay in Vegas! Eli Roth’s Brand of Horror is coming year round!

Eli Roth hit the horror scene like a Mack truck with his awesome cabin in woods gone wrong, Cabin Fever. He’s been one of the busiest men working in the genre since but its been very hush hush. Not anymore. One more reason that this Halloween is going to be the best in years, Eli Roth brings us “Goretorium”.

Recently, Eli Roth sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his Ode to absolute horrific decadence and what’s in store for it’s guests.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a year-round haunted house,” says Eli. “I’ve gone to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights about 12 years in a row. And to Knott’s Scary Farm. It’s the most fun. It reminds me of my childhood. … Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. It never stops. A lot of European tourists never experience Halloween, and can here.  I want to haunt the entire city of Las Vegas. …  I love horror movies year-round, and so do the fans, and there hasn’t been a destination. … I want to keep updating it for different seasons.”

Eli goes on to touch on the general concept.

“We talked about the different themes. What should it be? An insane asylum? A hotel is a great way to do it. Something that pays homage to classic Las Vegas that we can modernize. With Goretorium, you are going to tour the murders, and something takes a dark twist, and you end up in the bowels of the hotel, and you’re trying to get out.” 
The story behind Goretorium is decidedly twisted. The Delmont Hotel has been host to a group of serial killer proprietors that have been gruesomely murdering guests and eating them for years,  sharing their meat recipes with their hotel guests. Gortorium will be offering private tours and V.I.P. packages. The Death Row VIP pass for instance  ($60), will give you immediate access to the attraction, a private express elevator, and complementary entrance to the Baby Dolls Lounge.
Well, after years of avoiding Vegas (I’m not single and I don’t gamble so why bother?) It looks like Eli Roth has found a way to lure me in. Hell, I may never leave. I hope that will be my choice and not the crazy cannibals who dwell inside the hotel. Hmmm.
For the full interview, go to Entertainment Weekly
To purchase tickets in advance or to apply to work in this wicked death trap, check out the official site: http://goretorium.com/home