Screamfest: A blade in the dark: The Other Side (2012)

The old school slasher seems to be making a comeback of sorts, which is a good thing. Most of the time I talk about classic horror films, but I love a good slasher as well. Though there hasn’t been much to get excited about in recent years, there is good stuff coming our way lately, and one of the slashers is the Santoro Brother’s” The Other Side”.

The film opens with a beautiful and brightly lit English country landscape. Sophie, a young nanny, is on her way to a new job for a small family. Though she has been hired by Rachel, the woman of the house, it seems that her husband Harry is extremely displeased, and doesn’t mind showing it.
The day passes quietly, but at night fall, the terror begins. A killer is stalking the house and towering above everyone, he is a frightening force to be reckoned with.
The Other Side is a short from Alex and Oli Santoro who have cut their teeth on films like Universal’s The Wolfman, Alien vs Predator, and The Harry Potter series. Though it is a short (20 mins) it is a well realized film that plays more like a teaser for a main event or series. I found myself want to see “The next episode”. That’s not something that usually happens, which is why I don’t review too many shorts. This thing rocks!
It’s beautifully photographed and every scene drips with a tension and atmosphere that I would compare with “The Strangers”. The small cast is also very good. Another problem with most shorts is that the characters don’t have time for any depth, again, not the case here. It’s not the time you spend onscreen, but what you say that builds a character. Everyone’s dialogue is perfect. You really get the opportunity to form an instant bond with them and that’s important.
And what about the killer? This guy is haunting. He is a giant nightmare coming full force at you! Full contact, double penetration, in your face terror! I want more!
If you have the opportunity, see this film. It’s top notch from the poster to the final execution. I can’t wait to see what these guys can do with a feature. Horror needs new blood right now, and these guys are bringing it. Nuff said!
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