Digital Celluloid: Dead Island Riptide reveals its release date and a new character!

Dead Island may have been the greatest zombie game ever made. That is until Dead Island Riptide hit shelves. The anticipation is ever growing for the new king of survival horror. After months of tidbits and the steel book cover art, we now have a release date. Check out the details below along with a new player character to help you battle the undead…

 Thanks to Dead Island’s Facebook page, we now have a release date for the zombietastic game. The new game hits shelves April 23rd, 2013 on PS3, XBOX, and PC. It hits everywhere else on April 26th.

This is a game you definitely want to pre-order. Awesome incentives include exclusive weapons mods and even an alternate character skin depending on where you order from. Also, as I touched on  above, if you pre-order in the US through Amazon, GameStop or Best Buy, you get a kick as steel book casing. 
In addition to all this goodness, you will also have a new character who will level the playing field a bit. John Morgan is a navy cook and hand to hand combat expert. He will be a free selectable character so you won’t have to wait to play him.
Set your money aside now and if the zombie apocalypse happens, hell, you’ll be able to get it for free and use it to train survivors.
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