Tristan Risk and American Mary do it again at the BloodGuts Awards!

Just because it’s the end of the year doesn’t mean that the Soska sisters are done with their reign of terror upon the horror film circuit. American Mary has left its mark on the eyes and hearts of horror fans one last time for the year and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. What awards did American Mary modify this time? Head below to see…

The Soska sister’s symphony of desperation, lost hope and broken dreams have netted them the best Director honor at the 2012 BloodGuts Awards. Not only did they add another notch to Mary’s bedpost, but this time, actress/performer Tristan risk took home the honor for best supporting actress. Tristan’s performance has often been cited as one of the key factors to the success of this film. Her character, Beatrice, is a persistent, somewhat sad character. A freakish guardian angel of sorts for her peers. She is Mary salvation in many ways and in others, she has her downfall. Such a complex character deserves to be acknowledged, and I for one, am glad for her.

The Soska sisters and Tristan Risk weren’t the only big winners this year, another of our Celluloid Sinners took home top honors.

Below is the complete list of winners:

Best Film
The Cabin in the Woods
Best Sequel/Prequel/Remake
Silent Night
Best Indie Film
H… Crime
Worst Film
The Possession
Best Actor
Daniel Radcliffe
Best Actress
AnnaLynne McCord
Best Supporting Role
Tristan Risk
Highlight of 2012
The Twins of Evil Tour
Best TV Show
American Horror Story Asylum
Best Director
Jen/Sylvia Soska – American Mary
I’m surprised by The Possession winning Worst Film but its a great list over all.
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