Rob Zombie Speaks Out In Defense of Halloween II and Directing Halloween III

Every now and again, there is a film that is blasted mercilessly for no good reason. Opinions of course vary, but this film caught a lot of heat because it strayed from the expected content. Mind you, people would bitch if it didn’t, so, oh well. the fact of the matter is, Halloween II is , in my opinion, an excellent film that gives us a new perspective on what these characters would be like having lived through this ordeal. Anyway, Zombie recently spoke about his thoughts on the film and his involment in the ever developing Halloween III…

Rob Zombie recently spoke with SciFiNow about the franchise and had this to say;

“I love that movie,” says Zombie. “I think it is a great movie. But I wish it had a different title. If it was called something else then people might have watched it and accepted it for what it was. Instead, because it was called Halloween 2, people were saying ‘How can you do this when it is supposed to be that?’ Although as time has gone by some fans have told me that they like it, and that it is one of their favorites from the franchise.

“I think because it was a Halloween sequel people had a preconceived idea of what it was supposed to be.”

Another often asked question is how much he would be involved in the long gestating Halloween III. 

“I don’t think they are doing anything with Halloween at the moment,” said Zombie. “That is the last thing that I heard – and I’m definitely not directing it if they ever do go ahead with a third movie.”

Even though he has stated this before, much like Danzig doing a Misfits reunion, I have a feeling the question will keep coming up until a film is made by somebody else.  Then they’ll probably start asking about Part 4. lol

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