AMC Q & A With The Walking Dead’s Carl Grimes, Chandler Riggs

When the show first started, I didn’t like Carl. He annoyed me and I felt that kids in the zombie apocalypse were a liability that one can not afford. I still feel that way to an extent though I must say that Carl has proven to be useful. The problem is, he has a child’s temperament and an adults responsibility. He may prove to be the most dangerous member of the group because he is mentally incapable of making a wise life and death decision. He’s not there yet. As an actor, I’m really impressed with Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl. Amc added him to their awesome Q & A series and explore how Carl has evolved…

Actor Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about why he’s not allowed to go to the cast’s “death dinners” and his most gut-wrenching scene this year.

Q: Now that Madison Lintz (Sophia) is gone, what’s it like to be the only kid on set ?

A: Luckily, some of the actors act like kids, like Steven Yuen and Norman Reedus. So I hang out with them a lot. They’re really fun guys.

Q: Carl played a big part in Lori’s death this season. Was the material in that scene at all difficult for you to process?

A: I read the script and it was just horrifying. The whole scene felt like it took a week to shoot. It was dreadful, but you just gotta get over it and get on with it. There was no way to keep those days bright and happy.

Q: What’s it been like acting on the show without Sarah Wayne Callies, your on-screen mother, and Jon Bernthal, who was a bit like a second father for Carl?

A: It’s been hard having them gone — both of them — but I learned from them in the time I did have with them. When I signed on I knew that they would eventually get killed off, because I’d read the comics. Every now and then Sarah’s on the set again. It’s been cool to see her. Usually they have the death dinners that are at bars, so I can’t go! I don’t think [I’ve been to any.]
Q: You told us last year that because of Georgia’s laws you can’t hold a working gun on-set. This season Carl gets to use a weapon more. Has that been a welcome shift?

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