Linnea Quigley and Ken Hall Talk The Return of The Horror Workout!

Who didn’t have a crush on Linnea Quigley growing up in the Eighties? She was the quintessential 80’s horror star, sexy, fun, with always down for a bloody good time. From Return of the Living Dead to Night of the Demons, she holds a special place in our hearts. 
She made so many great films during that time and her performances stay with you. However, one of the most interesting films she did during that era was Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout. An exorcise video like no other in the age of the exorcise video, it is a video long cherished and sought after by collectors. Well, if this is one of those videos you’ve been dying to get your hands on, the wait is over. Linnea’s Horror Workout is back!
I had a chance to get together with Linnea and Director/Producer Ken Hall and touch base about this great release…

Linnea looked as beautiful as always.
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You have been a stable in horror for a long time. What is it like to see your influence continue to grow?
It’s a great and amazing feeling to know there are so many people who still love these movies.
Everyone always talks about The Return of the Living Dead of course, but what is your favorite Linnea role?
I love Spider in SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWLERAMA  and my character in NIGHTMARE SISTERS who gets to change from a homely sorority girl into a sexy succubus.
Are you surprised that the exorcise video has amassed its own cult following over the years?
I am surprised.  What started out as a joke on the set of MURDER WEAPON turned into this oddball video that has endured all these years.
Turning my attention to Ken:
You had previously wrote Nightmare Sisters which starred Linnea, How did you first get involved with the project?
Dave DeCoteau came over to my place one night and proposed a project called SORORITY SUCCUBUS SISTERS.  He wanted it to star Linnea, Brinke Stevens , and Michelle Bauer as a trio of college girls who get possessed and go around orally castrating guys.  I thought it sounded like a hoot, plus I came up with the idea that they’d start out as nerds and transform into hotties.  I wrote that script in seven days, which is still a record for me.
Were you a Jane Fonda devotee?
I liked her BARBARELLA.  Actually, I’ve liked her in a lot of movies but if you’re asking me if I was a fan of her workout videos, I can honestly say I’ve never seen them.  Of course, I knew of their popularity, as well as other celebrity exercise tapes, which is what led to the Horror Workout.
Do you feel that Horror Workout is lightening in a bottle or could something like this be successful in today’s health and horror conscious society? 
The Horror Workout always was and always will be a novelty item.  I believe our target audience is Fans of Linnea and 80s B horror in general.  That said, at least one fitness website reviewed favorably so you never can tell.
Is there a chance that you two will reunite in the near future to bless us with your unique paring?
As a matter of fact, we have been discussing something but I don’t like talking about projects until they are definitely happening.  Suffice it to say it’s something I think our fans will really like.

Legacy Retro, the division of Legacy Features dedicated to vintage horror and exploitation films, has lined up cult classic Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout for a re-mastered Special Edition.

Directed by Kenneth J. Hall (Puppet Master, Halfway House) and starring legendary horror Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons, Return of the Living Dead), Horror Workout was originally released in 1990 and features special effects from Cleve Hall (TV’s Monster Man).

A campy, gory parody of the workout videos of the 80s, the film was created to capitalize on Quigley’s explosive popularity and rabid fan base. In it, Quigley teaches a bevy of big-haired, lingerie-clad beauties the proper way to tone and stretch, while a masked killer stalks them one by one. She also takes time out to show an army of out-of-shape, flesh-eating zombies the best ways to keep fit!

A first run Limited Edition of 1,000 units will come with a numbered 5×7 photo signed by Linnea Quigley and Kenneth J. Hall.  This package includes a digital re-mastering of the original uncut version of the film, presented with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.

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Bonus features include:
•     Audio Commentary with Director/Writer Kenneth J. Hall and star Linnea Quigley
•     New retrospective featurette with Cast & Crew including stars Linnea Quigley and Cleve Hall, Executive Producer David DeCoteau, Director Kenneth J. Hall, and others!
•     Still Gallery

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