Girls and Corpses Gets Down And Dirty With The Human Centipede!

Some people read Playboy, some read Maxim, but then you have those who read Girls and Corpses! A fun magazine with great interviews you don’t get anywhere else. If you are a fan of Human Centipede then you are gonna want to check it out asap. Read on for the details…
LAURENCE R. HARVEY (star of The Human Centipede 2 & 3) interviewed… on the toilet
by Corpsy of Girls and Corpses Magazine

Girls and Corpses Magazine and EmmReport bring you one of the most harrowing interviews of the modern era. Robert ‘Corpsy” Rhine’s crack reporting breaks new journalistic ground as he interrogates the elusive star of “The Human Centipede II,” Shakespearean thesbian, LAWRENCE R. HARVEY… on the crapper:

Yes, expectations for a Pulitzer Prize are high for this exclusive, in-depth examination into one of the creepiest, sickest, most horrific murderous mutes of the modern area, Martin Lomax.  The Human Centipede III (also directed by TOM SIX) is currently in production with both Laurence R. Harvey and Dieter Laser (from The Human Centipede I) starring. Word is that part 3 makes the first two Centipede films look like Disney on Ice (if the show featured ass-to-mouth connected skaters). So, buckle up and watch this stupefying interview. Trust us, you will not be the same after you watch it… or will we… even though we have already watched it.
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