House of Bad’s Cheryl Sands – The Sinful Celluloid Interview

House of Bad is a complex film. Part character study, part ghost story and part crime drama. There is a little bit of everything here and enough to keep you interested. 

The film tells the stories of three sisters who return to their childhood home after a stealing a suitcase of heroin. The plan: hide out  for two weeks till the heat dies down. The problem is that the home is haunted by their own personal demons…literally.

Part one of Sinful Celluloid’s extensive House of Bad coverage begins with actress Cheryl Sands, who plays the beautiful Lilly in the film. Step into her House of Bad…

Hey Cheryl, can you tell me about your character?
Lilly is to date, the most complicated character that I’ve had the experience playing. There are so many layers to her. She has this beautiful vulnerability, but at the same time, she has this addiction to heroin, so she’s struggling with addiction on top of that. Add to which, she is the first one to notice the spirits that are invading the house. So she’s dealing with her sisters on an emotional level, running away, heroin withdraws, and the spirits, it was a pretty intense role. 
How did you prepare yourself?
I did a lot of research on heroin addicts going through withdraws, watched tons of documentaries, and just had to really connect to what I could. What would make me want to spiral into that addiction?
How did you first get involved?
Jim Towns was directing a film called Manhaters, and I auditioned for a role in that. House of Bad actually ended up getting made before Manhaters, so he called me in to play the role of Lilly.
When dealing with the other actresses as far as relating as sisters, how was that?
We all really clicked in real life. Sadie and I, in the film, are closer, and as soon as her and I met, she was like a sister to me. With Heather, our energies were not as connected right away, but that was perfect for our characters. It was a great crew and cast.
Was shooting pretty smooth?
We shot in something like twelve days so it was insane. Everyone was working like 16,17,18 hour days, but everybody was so awesome and so amazing. 
Tell me the shower water was hot…
(Laughs) It was warm, yes! I actually had to do a film in Big Bear in the winter and actually get in the lake. I ran out of there so fast, I was in the shower for two hours after that. 
Since House of Bad has been doing well, has it surprised you?
I’m really glad that the fans love it. It’s heartwarming. 
What is it that you hope the audience takes away from the film?
I would have to say, the sister’s bonding and family being there with you working things out. Because that’s all you really have.
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