Sinful Interview with Sadie Katz of House of Bad

House of Bad is a gripping character study/horror film directed by Jim Towns. There has been a lot of buzz for the film and its talented actresses.
Continuing my House of Bad coverage, today we sit with Sadie Katz, who plays Sirah, as she discusses playing a middle child, indie horror fans and fun with firearms.Welcome to Sadie’s room in the House of Bad…

My name is Sadie Katz and my character’s name is Sirah, she is the classic middle sister. A stripper with a heart of gold, a little spacy, but she is definitely not as dumb as she looks. A little bit of a tom-boy, I think Jim Towns really wrote really interesting characters that you don’t see in horror films, it’s really about their sisterhood. It’s all there, wanting to impress big sister and a little resentful of the half-sister. 
What was most difficult for you as far as shooting?
Well, we were on a budget and I believe we officially had eight shooting days so we would do 10-12 pages a day. It was crazy. We would go from doing a scene that’s fun, playing games, to literally no time in-between, cause the lights were set up. They would need me to cry cause one of my sisters was in the cellar. They would be like; “Ok Sadie, we need you in tears in 5-4-3-2-1”. So that was hard, and also the scene with Cheryl, when she gets possessed by our mother, which was fun and scary. I think when you do low budget films, you have to be a much stronger, tougher actress, cause everybody has to just jump in and not be too embarrassed.
How did you prepare for her?
I kind of have a weird voice so sometimes I think about the characters voice a little bit. I want to use my hoarseness which I think is important. I had to feel like a young stripper. This was a tough one because I had just finished doing another low budget film and I was really tired. So when I started this, I was really excited cause I love Jim Towns and Dorota Skrzypek. I think that the biggest preparation was just getting off book. You have to really know lines like this when you shoot that fast. Not only that, but being really open, cause I’m an only child, to portraying a middle sibling. I did read a book about being a middle child, its called “Your Birth Order”, cause I thought that was interesting because I didn’t have siblings. I like that idea of being a middle sister, because sometimes I feel out of place and that book was kind of cool. I’m method based so I have to understand where the character is so I can start thinking those thoughts. 
Are you a horror fan?
I am and the fun thing is that I’m a writer as well and I wrote a script with the writer and creator of Leprechaun. It’s about a girl whose boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend. She tortures them for her revenge and it stars Emily McCord and Billy Zane, so yeah, I’m a really super horror fan. However, I’m not as knowledgeable of the indie horror scene as I could be. This film really introduced me to that on a bigger scale and I think that the crowd is way more loyal and way more supportive. They can kind of embrace these low budget films without going; “Oh that is so low budget”, ya know.
I’m a big chicken in real life. I did a film a couple of years before this one, that was in a hospital. I remember that the set up was that I had to run down the hallway and my brother, who was a mentally handicapped killer, was chasing me with a knife. Seriously, just the idea, freaked me the fuck out. My heart was pounding and the director cut and asked; “Are you OK?” and I’m like, (voice quivering)”Yeah. This is what you want, right?” He was like, “OH my God, that was so real and good.” I really like that. The community is like a sci fi community. The people are always so sweet and open. I feel that other people into film tend to be pretentious and they’re not looking to like anyone. 
What is your goal for your career?
I will always act. It is unfortunately, my disease. If there is a serum to make you stop, I will take it (laughs). I’m gonna keep writing and acting. In February, Scorned is gonna come out so that will be interesting. I’m working on another top secret horror script. I can’t give it away yet, but when I know that I can I’ll let you know. I would like to do another horror film. I wouldn’t mind a couple other low budget films cause I get to be the lead in them which is nice cause you get to create a whole character. Sometimes the idea of doing TV and guest starring isn’t as much fun because I come from theater. I want to carry a character and follow them on their journey. Another thing with horror is that a lot of the stuff being written right now is a lot better towards women. They not all just the girl getting slashed at, though that’s fun too, right? You need both.
You also use a gun in this film. First time?
I’m really retardedly dyslexic, like, I can dance but I can’t be choreographed.  With the gun, I was like “Jim, I don’t know how to hold this gun. I’m gonna need some time with it,” He’s like “NO. That’s perfect.” Thankfully we did the gun scenes in order so at the end, I’m more comfortable with it. I’m becoming more of a bad ass. My arms were sore though. They wore so sore from holding it.
What do you hope that people get out of your character?
Don’t underestimate a female. Especially a dumb one. 
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