INBRED (2011) The Sinful Celluloid Review

When I first started Sinful Celluloid, I remember sitting up all hours of the night, trolling the internet for interesting things. One evening, I came across a teaser for a film that haunted me to no end. It wasn’t graphic or particularly visual, but ultimately creepy. It featured a van driving by a field of tall grass and something going on in the distance. What was that something? Someone tied to what appeared to be a scarecrow, being tortured by children. The film was INBRED, and from that point I needed to know more.

INBRED focuses on a van filled with delinquents who are on their way to a rundown site in the country for some work detail. They have two adults in charge, Caseworks Jeff (James Doherty) and Kate (Jo Hartley), who are a bit nasty themselves, but I guess you’d have to be dealing with these kids. Anywho, they arrive in the small village of Mortlake in Yorkshire, and get into it straight away at a local pub. As things go, they end up hunted and harassed until they descend into a nightmare so twisted that even if they survive, they may never recover. The townsfolk of Mortlake pride themselves on being set apart and boy are they ever. Inbreeding is only part of an array of disturbing behavior which includes Bestiality, torture, and strange dress up. They are like a carnival freak show as imagined by David Lynch. 
Alex Chandon has made a film that though laced with humor, will unsettle you to a degree that you may not find anything funny. The cast is uniformly good, especially Jo Hartley and Seamus O’Neill as Jim, the village leader of sorts. Evil and determined, he does manages to own the show with his dark humor and sinister under current. There is a certain genius to the film and that’s in its presentation. The characters are so out there that they can easily cause you nightmares. Not because they are scary, but because they are simply distorted versions of ourselves. Like Jacob’s latter, sometimes that is more disturbing.

Though the film is dark and violent, I want to remind you that it told in a very light manner. That is to say that there is quite a bit of humor in it. This helps for one reason, the young protagonists are all pretty much worthless as people and you may have trouble siding with them. In fact you will probably enjoy the torture, and the humor makes every decision go down smooth, like good liquor. Alex Chandon has created a remarkable shocking world that I hope to explore a bit more. If you want a serious horror film then this isn’t quite your cup o tea, however, if you want a good film that will shock and disturb you, (and even make you smile), this is it.

I saw INBRED last October and was waiting for its release here to post this review. The original soft release date was December but that never happened. INBRED is finally coming here September 24th on DVD. I suggest you own it that same day. Order a pizza and buy some alcohol. You’re gonna need it! Check out the extensive Inbred coverage below.
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