Jessica Cameron’s Truth or Dare Comes To The 1st International–R.I.P. Horror Film Festival

This coming weekend marks the first RIP film festival in Long Beach, Ca. It will be an exciting night as this is not the only first happening here.  This festival will also mark the Los Angeles premiere of Truth or Dare. Read on for the details…

Jessica Cameron’s directorial debut, Truth or Dare is finally coming to Southern California at the RIP Film Festival. The line up includes:
1)  Truth or Dare (88m, California, U S A)
Dir. by Jessica Cameron
2) Containment Breach (4m, Los Angeles-CA,U S A)
Dir. by Josh Lindquist
3) The Cabin (31m, South Carolina, U S A)
Dir. by Tommy Faircloth
4) Saint Dracula 3D (90 min. India )
sub. by Sumy Mary
5) Ent(r)e (15m, Portugal)
Dir. by Tiago Inácio
6) Herman Blue: The Pumpkin Comic (4m, Georgia, U S A)
Dir. by Ian Mark Stewart
7) The Town That Christmas Forgot (25m, Huntington Beach-CA, U S A)
For full details and ticket info, please visit the official site:
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