31 Days of Halloween #13 Unlucky Number 13


The unlucky number 13 has been long tied to Halloween and evil for decades, but why? It is just a number isn’t it? Well, its history is long and varied and has been linked to many horrific events both real and imagined. It was only a matter of time before it became synonymous with all things dreaded. 

The feared (until recently) Mayan calendar’s 13 Baktun was thought to signal the end of the world. A year with 13 full moons instead of 12 caused many problems for monks and led them to label it an unlucky number.  The stigma stayed with the number and caused the most high-strung to become literally afraid of the number, hence the creation of Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. Thanks to Judas, who was the 13th apostle at the last supper, it is unlucky to have 13 dinner guests.

Over the years, the number has been so tided to unfortunate happenings that it and the black cat have become the very symbols of bad luck. Along with the fact that black cats have been tied to witchcraft, the number 13 inevitably was as well, making it a symbol of all things dark and wicked. Because of that it became a symbol of Halloween as well. So you see, the number 13 is just a number. Its only curse is that it suffers from guilt by association.