31 Days of Halloween #3 Satan


Halloween is when the dead flow freely around the Earth though it is not usually all souls. The spirits thought to roam our world are usually malevolent, which makes them of Hell, not heaven. The spirits of Hell have one ruler, he who hates us and our world. He who rules all things evil…Satan.

The angel Satan is known in different religions as many different creatures with different names. The Devil being the most prominent though it is more of a title than a name! The connection between Satan and Halloween is simple, he is the ruler of the underworld and that is where spirits are thought to dwell, so Satan is the gatekeeper of Halloween. A more modern reasons the link between Halloween and Satanism. Halloween is seen as the most unholy of days. Therefore, it is the predominating holiday in Satanism. Halloween is the Devil’s doorway and it open’s once a year. Why don’t you step through?