The Queen Mary Dark Harbor Puts A Spell On You


One of my favorite Halloween parties is The Queen Mary Dark Harbor. Every year The Queen Mary and its harbor transform into a place of hellish delight. This year there are six mazes (three returning and three new) to tear your soul in every direction. The Dark Harbor is constantly evolving and this year was an interesting new turn. This year welcomed…Encounters!

Encounters is a new premium experience that takes you into the ship for a full blown encounter with the spirits that dwell in the harbor. There is black magic at work here, along with sensory deprivation and perhaps, electrocution. It’s all very secret, but it was a fun addition to Dark Harbor.

The returning mazes always have some new twists and turns and this year was no exception. Circus is back and provides a whole new experience. It is twisted and weird and plays like the opening credits to American Horror Story: Freakshow. The Captain of the Queen Mary has brought fourth a hellish Circus to help enjoy the spoils of war. This twisted tent is filled with the oddest sites. I love the sheer nightmare quality to the whole thing and parts of it are like wandering through Wonderland. Circus is an experience.


Submerged is also back and if you are afraid of ship sinkings or ghosts then this may not be the right combination for you. This is the maze that takes you into the pool area where the ghost of Mary, the little girl lurks. She will ask you to stay and play. I don’t recommend it. I do however, recommend Soulmate. A further exploration into the history of Graceful Gale and her twisted mind. Gale isn’t as innocent as we thought. She was actually a crazed woman, searching for the perfect man. When she didn’t find him, she made him!

Deadrise is a military escort ship that has risen to help defend the Queen Mary against humans. Though it was quite something last year. It felt a little light this year on the talent side. B340 is a journey through Samuel The Savage’s insanity. Walking through his mind is a terrifying experience, filled with darkness and unforgettable imagery.


My favorite maze at Dark Harbor is, interestingly enough, the a water themed maze. The Village of the Damned has always been my favorite scare at Dark Harbor, but this year, VOODOO has taken over. The village has undergone a complete over hall and is even more frightening than it was before. The Voodoo priestess, She Who Can Not Be Named, has created a new and horrifying village that simply cannot be beat.

In addition to the mazes, Dark Harbor’s Freak Show has returned and is even better. These were shipping containers that were filled with different oddities and such. This year they have been combined into one large experience that is awesome. Though it is an addition to the regular fare, it is well wort it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might lose an eye!

Yes, all in all, it’s another win for the Queen Mary Dark Harbor crew. They have a specific theme going but they are good at it. Constantly evolving and adding to the lore, you can always count on the fact that there will be something new in store for you!