Bruce Campbell Talks Ash Vs. Evil Dead


It’s what we’ve been waiting for years, Evil Dead’s return. After the video games ended a few years back, it seemed like we were done with Evil Dead on our TVs. Sure, there was always talk of another movie, but after a while, it seemed like a moot point. Then the surprise of the year came with STARZ announcement of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Mind blown. It’s been quiet since then, but just in time to close out the year, Bruce Campbell has some things he wants us to know about the new series…

In an interview with EW, Bruce gave us some insight on where the new series is heading:

“Ash has survivor’s guilt,” said Campbell. “You could have a [field day] with his PTSD. He’s a war vet. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and he’ll lie about that stump on his hand to impress the ladies. That’s what I look forward to playing – a guy with horrible flaws. In Army of Darkness he can’t memorize three words, and he’s responsible for the death of a hundred people – this is your lead character!”

With all the talk of Evil Dead 4 over the years, why a series? Probably the question on everybody’s mind.

We realized if we made another movie, frankly, it would probably be too expensive,” Campbell admitted, “but in the format of a TV show, we could give people exactly what they wanted and expand the character and story even more. And we never burned Evil Dead as a franchise out – it’s not like we did 13 of these movies. So we felt like, what the heck, let’s give it a try.”

Can’t wait! Ash Vs. Evil Dead hits STARZ in 2015!!! More to come!