Black Sails: The Rise Of Calico Jack

It’s been a long road for Jack Rackham. As quartermaster for the Ranger under Captain Charles Vane, he was required to do very little. Let’s face it, Vane’s ship probably ran its self out of fear. When all else failed, Anne Bonny steps in to handle things. With everything done for him, how will Jack fare as Captain? On last week’s Black Sails, Jack sidelined Bonny in order to retain his new Captaincy. Does he have it in him to lead?

black-sailsWhat little we know about Calico Jack Rackham comes from “A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates” by Daniel Defoe under the pen name Charles Johnson. there is simply not a lot to go on. Therefore, he is practically an unknown entity. Toby Schmitz portrayal on Black Sails is the best we’ve ever gotten to know him on film and will be the defining version for years to come, I’m sure. The Rise of Calico Jack is what we’ve been waiting to see and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be an easy transition. Jack has a lot to prove to his new crew for several reasons. He must prove that he is a Captain to be reckoned with, a leader in battle, and a capable seaman. All of these things will help lead to his getting Bonny on the crew. This may lead him to make rash decisions and that thought is worrisome. Jack’s main attribute is his wits, if they are compromised, what chance does he stand?

tumblr_inline_n0skpoHxuW1r0jzsbCalico Jack is known for two things, his flag and t women he sailed with, their lives are as entangled as Flint’s and Mrs. Barrlow’s. On the Anne Bonny front, she is jilted right now, and understandably so. When she walked away from Jack after learning that she would not be sailing on the crew, she had death in her eyes. Where is she going and if there is fallout from her actions, will it land at Jack’s feet? There is a lot of anger there and I can’t help but feel that Jack is in for it in the episodes to come.

That being said, what will it take to get her backing Jack again and will Max stand in her way? Here is an interesting thought, did Max set the whole thing up? She was in control of the situation, you would think that there would be a stipulation that Jack and Anne come as a pair. This is not how it played out so I wonder, is this all according to plan and does Max know what she is really getting in to?

Anne_and_Rackham_S1E1Everything is up in the air right now but to be sure, the next couple of episodes will be telling. Jack needs Anne as he become the man we expect him to be. He need her support and she needs his. So many things need to happen with Jack Rackham and he is gonna need her by his side. Calico Jack was a man, but without Anne Bonny, we never would have known his name.