Black Sails XIII Recap: All Is Fair In Love and Piracy


The landscape of Nassau may be changing, but that isn’t the only thing given a new dimension on Black Sails. This week was a shocker that changes our views of the relationships between our cutthroats, and one in particular must be re-examined in light of our revelation…

BS-204-2Black Sails XIII started off with a whole lot of banging! Jack, Bonny and Max are in bed “killing time” in the best way possible. That doesn’t last long as their banging is interrupted by, well, banging, this time in the form of cannon fire from the Spanish Man ‘o War. Flint has unleashed his guns on the Fort, shattering the walls.

7-BKS2-205-022614-5395-900x506-ab13c5fd26a536b76e55212268921dd1Miranda Barlow leaves the safety of her home and heads to the beach to stop Flint. Having learned that Vane has the daughter of Lord Ash in his possession, she sets out to put things in perspective before all is lost!

While Flint continues to destroy the future of Nassau (and make no mistake, that’s exactly what his stubbornness is doing), Jack is dealing with his own explosive issues. It seems that his new crew are taking issue with the ship’s articles and more to the point, who they apply to. Eager to get on the water, Jack must make a choice, but the ramifications are far more damaging than anticipated.

150218-news-black-sails (1)The other major plot revisited was the return of Billy Bones. John Silver once again plays it straight when informing Billy of the circumstances surrounding Gates’ death. When asked why he is the one defending Flint, Silver is deathly clear…money. That moment is a re-enforcement of just why Silver is dangerous. He isn’t in it for the future, the past, love, or revenge. He is in it for self-preservation in the most comfortable way. He doesn’t want to get by, he wants to live, and a man will move mountains for his own bright future. That being said, Billy knows what is coming and everyone’s future is in jeopardy.


Speaking of the future, Eleanor finally sat down with her father Richard to discuss the future. Richard’s plan is simple, he wants to broker a deal where Eleanor can ship the farmed goods of Nassau without fear of the pirates looting them. The plantations of Nassau win, Eleanor wins, hell, Nassau as a whole wins. There is just one problem, Eleanor doesn’t trust him. Richard was a bad father but feels this is the best thing for all involved. So as the cannons roar outside, and the walls of the fort fall, Eleanor faces a choice that really is between herself and her own demons.

This was a turning point for the show in the best and most interesting way. The reveals of the truth of past relationships was a shock, yet, re-watching the previous episodes, there are faint whispers of it. In the first season, when Flint goes to see Miranda, the first time and they have sex, he is less than in the moment. It seemed odd, but I chalked it up to the situation at hand, nothing more. Replaying that moment in light of the information now explains his disinterest. Flint is often angry and filled with turmoil, now we can understand why. So Flint was living with the Hamiltons’ and sleeping with both Miranda and Thomas. Wow! The question is how will this further come into play in future episodes? When England comes, what information will they bring? Does Billy know the truth of Flint’s exile?

The brothel is also troubling. As Max weaves her web tighter around Bonny and Rackham, what is she hoping to accomplish in the end? Does she love Bonny or is she simply securing her own future? Bonny is the executioner that would end her days if push comes to shove, but if Bonny is in love with her, maybe Max would survive crossing Jack Rackham.

#Blacksails  sinfulcelluloidThe cliff-hanger was a long time coming and though it is obviously unresolved, there is such a satisfaction in seeing it happen. As Vane bursts in the door to attack Flint, dagger in hand, we can do nothing but sit in awe at the storm that is engulfing Eleanor’s office. Vane is challenged and will not back down. Vane’s will of force vs. Flint’s force of will. Who will prevail?