Carrie Keagan Talks Bigfoot and Being ” The Fiance “


Carrie Keagan has always brought a little blood and guts to the party! The former VH-1 host and everyone’s favorite Powergirl has a love of all things sticky, (NO. I’m talking about blood. Get your heads out of the gutter)and is sharing it with the world. With a staring role in the zombie horror, Fetish Factory and a short by Legendary, she is a hard working woman for the horror cause. Her new film actually brings back a 70’s horror troupe in a new and interesting way. The film is The Fiance. The monster is Bigfoot. The interviewee is Carrie Keagan. Let’s get to it…

Sinful Celluloid: Tell me about The Fiance.

Carrie Keagan: When was the last time you saw a Bigfoot movie? Been a long time, right? So this is going to be a new imagining of an old style Bigfoot movie. The cool thing is that this is not just some dude that is out in the forest somewhere, he attacks and he attacks me (laughs)! So I start transforming into some kind of rabid beast of a Bigfoot. Essentially it’s a woman Bigfoot and I don’t think we’ve seen that before.

Sinful Celluloid: Not anyone we want to see (Laughs)

Carrie Keagan: And how ironic that they cast me as Sarah and my feet are about a 5 1/2 , and I’m gonna be the new Bigfoot…FINALLY!

Sinful Celluloid: How did you, “Ms. Little-Bigfoot”, nail this gig in the first place?

Carrie Keagan: Earlier in the year, I did a movie called Fetish Factory with Staci Layne Wilson and she was showing the teaser trailer to Mark Michales, who is the writer, director, producer, actor, star of The Fiance and I guess he liked what he saw and what I did in Fetish Factory. He invited me to come and be part of this.

Sinful Celluloid: Now you’ve been in front of the camera for some time as a hostess and journalist, what is it like to get in and Act?

Carrie Keagan: Parts of it feel exactly the same and other parts are like; “what am I doing?, Where do I put my hands?” (laughs) The acting part of things I don’t think is that much different. I’m comfortable being in front of the camera, being in front of a room full of people. The part where it gets complicated is pretending that there is a monster in front of you when there’s nothing, or just making sure a line gets read the way it was intended to be. But that’s where good direction comes in and luckily, Mark, the director, also wrote the script so he knows what he’s looking for and we just talk a lot. When I read the script, their was so much of it that was inherently me that it was almost like he wrote it for me. I know he didn’t, but I like to think that he did because I connected so quickly that it was so easy to step into her tiny little shoes.

Sinful Celluloid: This is day 10 now. What has been the most difficult?

Carrie Keagan: Honestly, we’ve shot a lot of this in order as far as my character’s concerned so we’ve done a lot of the easy stuff where she gets to be the sweet and innocent Sarah. (grabbing my recorder) That’s me acting. (laughs).

Sinful Celluloid: Now I’ve seen the “Teeth” that you sport…

Carrie Keagan: Yeah. I’ve never had my teeth cast before so this is a first for me and you know I’m such a horror fan. So all this transformation stuff is really cool. So when I did Fetish Factory, which is a horror film, I’m the only one that didn’t get to get “zombied up”. Everyone else had the really cool parts so in this one I get to get “FUCKED UP!” Got my teeth cast, we’re gonna put contacts in, they took a mold of my hands because there is gonna be some body parts stuff happening…

Sinful Celluloid: Have you seen Bigfoot yet?

Carrie Keagan: Yes I actually got to see him for the first time. I saw a picture of him first and it was wonderfully scary, it was exactly what I was hoping the movie would look like. Then I literately ran into him in the wardrobe trailer when I walked in to get dressed and his costume was sitting right there so I got a chest full of hair in my face…that was cool. So I poked it a little bit. Hear that people? I POKED THE BEAR!

Sinful Celluloid: You’re probably not going to be as hairy as he is are you? No Hairy Carrie Keagan?

Carrie Keagan: That’s only for November.

The first trailer for The Fiance debuted exclusively here on Sinful Celluloid. You can watch it HERE and stay tuned for more on the film with our extensive coverage.