Sigourney Weaver Talks Returning To ALIEN


Neill Blomkam started quite the whirlwind with his little ALIEN art hobby. Even tough it was just for him and only amounts to ” fan art”, people are excited. Then Blomkam gave a statement that kicked things into high-gear for fans…”It may happen”. Now Sigourney Weaver Talks Returning To ALIEN. What exactly is going on? Keep reading…

In case you aren’t up to speed, here is Neill’s original statement about the events:

“Fox was blindsided by it, which wasn’t my intention,” Blomkamp explained. “I just wanted to share artwork with people who liked the franchise. I don’t know whether it’s going to happen or not. We’ll see.”

When asked what the deal was with that concept art, whether it was something he was playing around with or something he was actively developing, “It was sort of both,” he added. “Fox didn’t know that I was developing it, so in that sense, it was completely unsanctioned and just basically for fun. To me, it wasn’t for fun. To me, that was what I wanted to do next, and I spent a lot of time doing it, and there was a lot of effort that went into. Like when I could take breaks between ‘Chappie’s’ post-production winding down as VFX got under control.”

Up to speed? Good. Now Sigourney Weaver has had a few things to say about her stance on the subject. Speaking to, she explained:

“He kept sending me these brilliant designs and ideas and everything. We’ll see what happens, It’s not that so much is that we just left it at such a creepy place, sort of stranded above Earth. I was quite happy to move onto other things and I didn’t want to go to Earth. I didn’t want to manufacture a sequel and I felt like we were starting to do that. If something happens from this, it would be very organic and very original, and because of that, it would make me want to do it. If it was someone as talented as Neill, I’d certainly listen.”

Is the future of ALIEN 5 secure? Of course not. But things are looking pretty good at this point. If Chappie is a hit next month, you can expect movement on this, one way or another. We’ll keep you posted.