The Soska Sisters Release Give It Up Extended Cut !


Well it just isn’t Valentine’s Day without hearing from Jen and Sylvia Soska. As usual, they have something wicked planned for us to enjoy and it’s longer, harder, and bloodier! What now? How about an extended cut of their Blood Drive PSA just in time for Valentine’s Day? Read on to find out when and where you can check it out…

From The Soskas – “At midnight tonight, Friday February 13 st, (PST), we will be releasing our Give It Up Extended Cut. Give It Up features a Soska staple, gender roles being played with, where you see the lovely gentlemen from our films wash our Firebird in blood as they’re shot in the way you’d usually see ladies in videos. Very sexy and sultry.”

This link will remain privet until midnight but get ready for something special!

If you haven’t seen the full anthology, WATCH IT HERE.
The video features Greyston Holt (See No Evil 2, BITTEN), John Emmet Tracy (American Mary), Nelson Wong (American Mary), Jason Day (Vendetta), Sean Hewlett (ABCs of Death 2/T is for Torture Porn), Virgil E B Davies (Vendetta), and Ron Wear (from our upcoming secret project, KCNA!).
This year’s Blood Drive features top talent from across the globe, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Hannah Neurotica, Maude Michaud, Tamae Garateguy, Jimena Monteoliva, Jessica Cameron, Patricia Chica, Jill Sixx, Chelsey Burdon, and the Soska Sisters.

This year’s theme was “Blood From Unexpected Places” paired with our tagline of “If There Were Other Ways to Get Blood, We Wouldn’t Need You”.