EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Keagan Explains Her Love Of Horror

The internet, TV, movies. Carrie Keagan does it all from journalism and hosting to acting. Every year she seems to take over a new avenue. For those who know her, she is a horror freak that can never be sated but what is the attraction for her and what took her so long to be on the receiving end of the blood pool? If you’ve ever wondered, I ask the hard questions. Join me as I sit down and listen as Carrie Keagan Explains Her Love Of Horror…

Sinful Celluloid: You being the crazy fan you are, or just plain crazy, what has taken you so long to start doing horror films?

Carrie Keagan: I’ve been a little busy doing the hosting thing and it’s not that I didn’t want to but the opportunities came up when I wasn’t having to do a daily show. The grind of a daily live T.V. show pretty much takes me out of doing anything else. So pretty much the last four years I was down for the count on doing anything else. But I left the VH-1 show and Staci called me up pretty much right away and said, “Hey! I want you to do this movie” and it’s been like that ever since. So I did Fetish Factory, then I did a short film with Legendary, Youtube, and the Brothers Riedell around Halloween. (The name of that short is called Dinner, and you can watch it HERE) Dinner was really cool because Guillermo Del Toro was involved and he created the set that everyone shot on. He was involved in the picking of all the directors, I think there was 10. That was fun.

Sinful Celluloid: It was really good.


Carrie Keagan: For me that one was really cool because I was so out of character and no one had ever seen me scared. I love horror so much so even when I go to a horror movie I’m smiling and laughing so I got so many phone calls and comments on that one.

Sinful Celluloid: Who would you love to work with or what kind of horror film would you like to do?

Carrie Keagan: Ooooh. It’s not that it’s hard to answer that but it’s hard to narrow it down. I know that he’s not known for horror necessarily, but Danny Boyle is one of my favorite directors of all time. 28 Days Later is one of the best horror movies. I would love to work with him. Trainspotting is a film I watch on a monthly basis. Another one is James Wan, he’s blowing up right now. It would be incredible to do something with him.

As for genre, anything bloody. It’s like I’m such a Gore Whore that anything that involves blood and guts and screaming is all good. A monster is a bonus but it doesn’t have to be that. I just love being covered in blood, weather I’m producing it or causing it. (Laughs) NOTE: Best interview answer EVER!


Sinful Celluloid: What is your favorite horror era?

Carrie Keagan: The Exorcist and Carrie, that’s all 70’s and that stuff was so psychologically damaging which I love. It wasn’t really in your face. The horror was almost secondary it was more of a psychological thriller first, Rosemary’s Baby, you know, all those films.

But then I grew up in the 80’s so The Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies. Some of them hold up really well and some of them don’t but I still love them.

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