INTERVIEW: Tracey Birdsall

Multi-skilled film and TV actress Tracey Birdsall has been everywhere the past couple of years. Whether she’s flogging USA Stamps, winning awards at film festivals, or headlining science-fiction and horror movies, you can’t turn a page whether seeing that beautiful face. And a testament to her talent and likeability, we’re still not sick of her! The versatile actress and producer talks to us about a couple of her upcoming genre efforts – Dawn of the Crescent Moon and At The Edge of Time.

SC – You recently starred in the supernatural thriller Dawn of the Crescent Moon. I know the film got some good reviews, and also played at festivals in L.A, but I haven’t heard much about it since. Do you know when audiences might see it?

TB – I know it’s in distribution! I haven’t had much time to follow it due to my shooting schedule, but it’s out there and available!

TRACEYDAWNSC – How did you get involved in that one? Did they seek you out?

TB – They did. I’m a friend of the Producer, Kevin Coleman. He emailed me the script with the line “see if there’s a part in it you are interested” and as I read it there was only one part I could play and they called her “Tracey.” It was all history from there!

SC – I’ve noticed a lot of talk about some of the science fiction projects you’re involved in. Are you producing as well as starring in these?

TB – Yes. The scripts are amazing, the Director is amazing, the roles are amazing. I’m a Science Fiction junkie, and the rest is all history…

SC – There definitely seems to be a Battlestar Galactica or Starship Troopers vibe to some of these projects– is that just by coincidence?

TB – Funny you should say that as I’m friends with Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers! Besides that coincidence, no. Science Fiction films all have a common theme and thus seem to remind us of the other films. The scripts were in existence prior to my becoming involved.

TRACEYPROFILE2SC – Do you like producing? Is it so you can have a little more say at the table?

TB – I enjoy the casting process, as well as the whole filmmaking process. It’s like a giant puzzle that will most definitely be solved. I also enjoy having my say at various turning points. Yes I enjoy producing, and yes I enjoy having some control over the direction things might go. That said, it’s a group effort for sure. I think the key is in keeping the group small…

SC – There’s some great pics of you in Ellen Ripley-like guise for a movie called At The Edge of Time. What happens to you when you climb into such cool clothes – are you empowered by all that?

TB – Completely empowered and completely engrossed. There’s a point wherein you become that which you are personifying… if even for a while. It’s truly fantastic!

SC – Is weapons training involved? Likes look you’re handling some major arsenal in these pictures!

Tracey-Birdsall-and-Darren-Jacobs-in-ATEOTTB – I handle a lot of big guns! There’s always a stunt guy on hand; however, it gets to be very familiar after a while. It’s all very real when you’re in the moment! That said, after a long day of shooting, there are some very sore wrists to be iced! If I could count the bruises obtained after a great day of shooting, I would be an absolute genius…

SC – So, horror and science-fiction is covered. Is there anything genre you’d like to do more in?

TB – I love comedy…. I love Science Fiction… I love heavy drama… I want to do more Science Fiction as it entails so much more skill then just acting. It’s more of a becoming. I work next on Who’s Jenna Jameson? which is my favourite style of extreme comedy, so I would say I just want to do more of the same! I get a lot of opportunities across genres and that makes me very, very happy… and fulfilled.