#WeirdWednesday Game of Werewolves (2011)


There is nothing I love more than to see a good werewolf movie.  These creatures of darkness and ferocity are fascinating to watch, well at least if they are portrayed in the right way.  Their legends have been around for centuries, so any movie that can bring their tale of horror to life is one I want to see!

Game of Werewolves or Lobos de Arga (Attack of Werewolves in the United Kingdom), is a foreign movie from Spain about a small village with a little bit of a problem.  The promiscuous Marchioness of Marino became fascinated with a gypsy and had to have him.  SO what does she do?  Well… rapes him of course!  Unknowingly, the gypsy she raped has a bit of lycanthropy ancestry in his blood and now the son that she has given birth to carries the gene.  After reaching the age of ten, her son Diego transforms into a werewolf.  Now the town is cursed and must wait one hundred years to finally be able to break the curse. It just so happens that they might have a chance.

#WeirdWednesday Game of Werewolves (2011)Tomas, a descendant of the family, has decided to take a trip back to the town hoping to gain inspiration for his new novel.  Little does he know, he may be one of the few people able to break the curse. There’s only one problem, the werewolf needs to take a bite out of him.  You can bet that Tomas is not going to become dinner that easily.  With the help of his friends, grandma, and dog named Vito, Tomas puts up the fight of his life.

#WeirdWednesday Game of Werewolves (2011)What I really love about this movie is the culture that still remains in the film.  There are plenty of werewolf tales from several different countries and this movie truly brings to life the werewolf legend present in Spain’s culture. The werewolves in this film have pretty amazing features too.  They are large, thick creatures, with glowingly evil, red eyes.  They look pretty scary and vicious.  Their actions aren’t much different from that either.

One of the scenes that I loved the most was when the werewolf first appeared.  There are two guards making sure that the prisoners don’t escape, and as they make eye contact they both quickly turn their heads in opposite directions.  Next thing you know, the werewolf plucks out one of the guards as if he was a feather.

#WeirdWednesday Game of Werewolves (2011)If you love werewolf legends, then Game of Werewolves is a movie you will want to add to your collection. This film is in Spanish, so unless you speak the language, you will need to watch it with subtitles.

Come experience Spain’s humorous, darker side told through their version of the werewolf legend.


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