Do you know what the Krampus is? He is basically the devil of Christmas. Think of The Grinch, but without any redeeming qualities (or a cute dog). What if he was doing battle against a now retired, motorcycle riding Santa? Pretty awesome, but it gets even better! Now throw in three beautiful women caught in the middle and a spooky run down Christmas theme park on the verge of demolition. This is SLAY BELLES and we all NEED this for Christmas!

20150411033055-Slaybelles_promo_01SLAY BELLES is directed by Spooky Dan Walker and Produced by Darren Lynn Bousman, the team that brought you THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL and REPO THE GENETIC OPERA. This is a film that we not only NEED to see, but it’s ALMOST DONE! But why listen to me? Check out the trailer and intro by Spooky Dan himself!


The cast includes Kristina Kliebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween), Hannah Minx and Susan Slaughter as the Slay Belles, Barry Bostwick as Santa Claus, and  Joel Hebner as Krampus! Get involved! Head over to the OFFICIAL INDIEGOGO and join the team!!!