#FemmeFataleFriday Countess Dracula (1971)

Good morning fellow blood thirsty fiends!

Let’s take it back to some good ol’ horror, shall we?  Today we are going back to 1971 when the film Countess Dracula came out.  I absolutely love watching horror movies with the villain being a female, who is both beautiful (in her youthful look at least), and unmerciful.

countess-dracula-1971-04-gCountess Dracula is about the aging and cruel Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory who discovers a way to make herself look young again.  It only takes some fresh blood to make her look like the true princess she desires to be.  These youthful blood spells don’t last forever though! She becomes fully consumed in her new body and finds herself aching for more and more blood in order to maintain her youthful appearance.  She falls in love with a young man whom knows nothing of her inhumane tactics.  He even wants to marry her! Women start disappearing from the village as Countess Elizabeth’s greed takes over.  She soon discovers that not all blood makes her youthful, only fresh virgin blood.  The Countess will not stop until she gets every female virgin out there!

countess-dracula-blu-ray-review-header-graphicThe role of the evil Countess Elizabeth is played by the beautiful cult queen, Ingrid Pitt.  This bombshell is no stranger to horror, and is known for her vampire roles. I was excited to watch her take on another sinister and evil character with such skill.  She certainly does not disappoint!

cd_death 0f a gypsy.0I enjoyed the film’s perception of the legendary Countess Elizabeth Bathory story.  The medieval style brings on a classic feel with a hidden dark secret.  There is nothing like mystery and horror in a town that looks so well put together, especially when the secrets come from someone in such a high position.  The setting of the film mixed in with the attractive cast make it worth watching!

Countess Dracula was an entertaining movie.  I loved how the Countess was lethal and yet filled with grace, especially as she covers her face in blood.  It was the absolute idea of a perfect woman!  The film was a metaphor of what some will do to stay young.

If you enjoy other Hammer Horror films and beautifully dangerous women, but have yet to see this film, you definitely need to check it out. The movie also has some really great figures from Titan Merchandise.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Ingrid Pitt’s role in the film!  Check out my review next week on www.SinfulCelluloid.com.

Have a wonderful day Creeps!