#MonsterMonday Horror of Dracula (1958)

Are you ready to sink your teeth into another monster movie?  You better be!  I’m taking it back to 1958 when the wonderful movie Horror of Dracula came out.  With the recent passing of Christopher Lee, the Sinful Celluloid family felt it was appropriate to write a review on one of his most famous movie appearances, which just so happens to be based on vampires. Horror of Dracula was the first of the Hammer Film movies.  It was so influential that it sparked a huge series.  The setting of this Gothic movie provides a dark, eerie energy that prepares you for the terror that is to come.
Horror-of-Dracula-Christopher-LeeHorror of Dracula starts off with a man named Jonathan Harker who eagerly visits Dracula’s house; already knowing of his frightening species.  He is met by a woman who just so happens to be a beautiful vampire.  She attempts to bite him but is unsuccessful when Dracula interferes.  Despite his effort to kill Dracula and his protégé, Jonathan succeeds in only killing the gorgeous vamp.  He writes of this event in his journal and hides it hoping for someone to find.  Van Helsing arrives at the town looking for Jonathan, but no one would speak of his visit.  Luckily, a woman gives him the journal, and he is set to finish his mission.  Sadly, Van Helsing must stake his friend who has already transformed into a vampire.
dracula1958-melissastriblingandchristopherlee-50Dracula is not finished. He comes to Jonathan’s town and seeks to find his fiancée Lucy.  She suddenly becomes very sick, and despite Van Helsing’s help, she ends up dead…maybe. A child named Tania kept stating that Lucy was calling her.  Later, Arthur, Lucy’s brother,  and Van Helsing find out they have more problems.  It looks like another woman named Mina is becoming a vampire too. In order to save her they must track her down and kill Dracula, although that’s not as easy as it sounds.  It then comes down to the final match between the villainous Dracula and the courageous Van Helsing!
Horror-of-Dracula-Doctor-Van-Helsing-8This film had a lot of events going on.  I was very anxious during many of the scenes.  There are two amazing horror icons in this film.  Peter Cushing plays the role of Dr. Van Helsing and Christopher Lee plays Dracula.  I love the presence Christopher Lee has in this film.  Without many lines, he is still able to bring about the terror that Dracula is known for.  The end fight scene between the two is intense.  I always love watching how vampires die in different movies, and the death scene in this film is phenomenal.  Both of them did an outstanding job in the movie.
draculaSCREENSHOTThe women in Horror of Dracula are very beautiful.  That’s one thing I love about older horror movies.  It’s the way that everyone is always put together so well.  You can’t help but be mesmerized by the looks they give you.  Of course if they call you’re probably going to go over there and either die or become a vampire.  I can’t blame you.  I probably would too.  I love that the beginning of this film is different from many other Dracula films–Jonathan already knows what Dracula is. That stands out to me.  Also, the part where the doctor suggests drinking wine after giving blood totally reminds me of Venetia! 
horror-of-dracula-crop-2If you have not seen any of Christopher Lee’s movies this one is a must.  It has influenced so much in the horror genre! I hope you enjoyed the review and don’t forget to close your windows at night!
Thanks for reading!