#FemmeFataleFriday Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb

Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb (1971)

Written By Christopher Wicking (Screenplay), Bram Stoker (Novel)

Directed By Seth Holt

Starring Andrew Kier, Valerie Leon, James Villers

            blood_from_mummys_tomb_01Oh my, where to begin. Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb begins with the Egyptian queen Tera (Valerie Leon) lying dead in a sarcophagus while another Egyptian man pours blood through a horn into her nose. If this were not enough, yet another dude comes over with an Egyptian pickaxe of some sort and hacks her hand off. He takes said hand and throws it to a pack of wild dogs. On said hand is a massive red ring that looks not unlike something you would get out of a bubble gum machine. Now, one would think that the severed hand that was just attacked by a pack of dogs would be torn to shreds, right? Well not the hand of queen Tara. We see the severed hand walking, crawling, (whatever that would be called) around in the mountains merely bruised and dirty. This hand may have been the best performance in the entire movie as it clearly did its own stunts and did not give an over dramatic performance.

            BLOOD FROM THE MUMMYS TOMB VALERIE LEON 8Flash-forward, we meet Margaret (also Valerie Leon). This woman looks strangely similar to the handless queen with the bloody nose. We also meet Maragaret’s father, Julian Fuchs, who is an archeologist and has uncovered the sarcophagus of the Egyptian queen in which is the severed hand, which is wearing a gumball ring. Margaret is given a gift by her crazy ass father and, what do you know, it’s a giant gumball ring that looks just like the ring from the bruised severed hand. Shortly thereafter, daddy slips into a state of unconsciousness and the shit hits the fan (not really).

Blood From the Mummy's Tomb C 10 restoredThroughout the film we see several unfortunate souls meet their demise in different fashions but with a strange similarity. Several die at the same time from a very strong gust of wind (yes, a gust of wind), one falls backwards through a window, one is attacked by a (plastic) snake, and one is killed by a cat statue that never moves. Oddly, each of these victims has their throats ripped open; some strong ass wind. Late in the movie we learn that the father’s intention was to give his daughter that gaudy-ass ring was so that she would possess the same powers as the Egyptian queen. All shall fall victim to the severed hand bubble gum ring!

4Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb was just an awful movie; zero (special) effects, overdramatic acting, poor story, just plain boring. You know that a movie is bad when the highlight of a 93-minute film is about 5 seconds when you see the ass of the lead actress and then you spend the remainder of the movie just hoping to see it again. At no point did this movie even have a chance of holding my interest. Bad movie. Bad, bad movie.

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John Ellsworth