#MonsterMonday Tricia Faces THE WEREWOLF AND THE YETI

In the past two weeks I checked out some delightful monster movies with intense action scenes, sinister plots, and brutal killings.  With the kick I’ve been on, I figured this week’s film would be just as good.

When you first heard the title The Werewolf and the Yeti you probably had the same reaction I did.  Your head may have tilted to the side and you may have even raised an eyebrow.  I was interested in finding out what this enchanting title could mean for a film. The film was made in 1975 and has several different names that it is referred to such as Night of the Howling Beast, Curse of the Beast, and Hall of the Mountain King.

wy2The movie starts off with a search for a yeti which has supposedly been spotted.  The man in search for this creature, Waldemar Daninsky, is abducted by some  cannibal cave women, who may I add are eating their delicadent dinner of limbs, and turn him into a werewolf.  These spicy women also happen to be witches/vampires/straight out weird, yet seductive beings.

               wy4 In search for the man and the yeti I suppose, a man and his daughter Sylvia are captured.  Sylvia is attacked by a group of disgusting horny men.  Seeing this attack, Waldemar in his werewolf form attacks the men. Sylvia passes out (with some terrible acting I might add) and is taken to a monastery where she becomes captured. Her blood is used in attempt to release Waldemar from the werewolf curse. Wandessa, the sexy witchy lady comes in and locks up the women together.  She tries to seduce Waldemar, but fails.  This is when the captured women take charge and kick some major ass.  This film finally ends with the werewolf vs. yeti battle!

1118full-night-of-the-howling-beast-screenshotI have to admit, I thought this movie was pretty awful.  The storyline was hard to follow, starting with the search for a yeti and then somehow changing to a werewolf film.  It was difficult getting through the entire movie.  There was so much going on it was hard to follow.  I also felt there wasn’t enough background on the yeti

The transformations in The Werewolf and the Yeti were disappointing.  There were mostly quick facial transformations.  Although, it was not even the entire face, it was just facial hair being added.  After all it is a B movie I suppose! But, come on!  The dying scenes could have been a little more realistic!

In every movie review I like to point out at least one thing that caught my attention in a positive way.  This film had some pretty attractive chicks.  They were the only thing holding this movie up.  They were captivating, alluring, and mystical.  I love seeing weregirls!  Women with sex appeal who take charge are my favorite! Not to mention some of them like to eat limbs… Hell Yeah!  The princess has a bit of a Princess Lea outfit that she rocks around the climax of the movie.  The bad ass chicks in this film fought, killed, and ate their way to victory.  These are traits everyone could admire, right? Wandessa is a sexy character in this film also.  I had more interest in her than the yeti, which ultimately could have been left out of the film.

Werewolf_and_the_yeti_Pic001THE WEREWOLF AND THE YETI is a cheesy B movie, but not one of my likings.  If you’re looking for a great movie with a nice storyline, intense climax, and fierce werewolves, well this is not for you!  However, if you want to pass time and see some hot chicks demanding revenge, you may want to watch this feature, The Werewolf and the Yeti!

Until next week ghouls!