Well, after all that anticipation the first episode of Scream the TV Series has already come and gone…and I freakin loved it! I enjoyed the episode over all, the storyline, SOME of the characters, and they definitely paid homage to the original.  Whether it fully represents the movies or not…I’m just psyched to have Ghostface back in my life, even if it is a different version. Maybe I’m not the best person to give my opinion on this show because I literally watch the Scream movies once a week, and have been begging the horror gods for a Scream 5 for years now. OR maybe I’m one of the best candidates to give my opinion, because if a die hard fan like myself can embrace it, than why can’t you?  What I need to figure out is if I actually like the show and feel it represents Scream, or if I am just intrigued because I like horror. I just want to see Ghostface kill people is this so bad?  I’m going to try to recap it for you all, without giving away too much.

DG-bellaI keep thinking as I write this I can’t give away any spoilers in case you as the reader have not seen the episode…BUT I am going to assume you saw the SCREAM THE TV SERIES 8 minute sneak peak intro, because you can access that anywhere. That 8 minute intro was your spoiler, the rest of the episode answers alllllllllll those other questions you’ve been asking yourselves. So in the 8 minute intro, we see a video go viral of two girls making out, and the first murder scene. We meet Audrey- one of the girls in the video, we see how she is being effected, we are also introduced to her friends, and the circle of friends that filmed and posted the video of her.

scream_tv_series_castThis group is your average group of ‘cool kids’ or whatever the cool kids are calling themselves these days. It’s almost obvious immediately that you’re probably not going to like these over privileged, self entitled, mean spirited rich kids, but unfortunately they are going to be what makes this story great. Of course though, there is one girl in the group that you can tell has a soul, who is filled with guilt because she used to be friends with Audrey.

martyrs-remake-posterSo, it’s moving along quite nicely, we are meeting all the characters and of course my favourite so far is our ‘Randy Meeks’ based character, Noah “the genius IQ outcast, with a serial killer fetish.” Just like the scene from Scream 2, Noah is in class and the teacher brings up the ‘Gothic genre’. Throughout the discussion, it is said this genre is found all over tv these days (The Walking Dead, Bates Motel, Hannibal). Noah takes the opportunity to enlighten everyone on the difference between ‘Gothic’ and ‘Slasher’, and the fact that you can’t make a slasher film a tv show. He explains that slasher films burn out fast, they are 90 minutes of blood and when the sun comes up, it’s all over, but tv, tv has got to spread it out. As he is describing his theories, we are watching the first victim’s body being discovered for the first time, as her mother screams in horror…BOOM! Miranda gets goosebumps of excitement!! After the body is discovered, Noah fills us in on the towns backstory about their own local murderer, I will spare the details but it seems the tv show has entirely it’s own story, which so far works.

scream-head-crap-1This back story does a great job at creating and aligning a mystery that we are now going to want to tune into every week to try and figure out. The episode continues with a party, of course!!! Those are the rules!! The party is your typical rich kid party these days, some drama boils up, some bullying happens and we get to see some more relationships between characters….see everybody… character building, it’s possible!scream_tv.0.0

At the party, someone says the infamous “I’ll be right back.” I’m not going to tell you who says it, or what happens to them or if they return or not. While this is happening, Noah is explaining a slasher is like a wolf, he’s not going to attack a group of teens, he’s going to wait until he gets  one of them alone. It’s simple right? Don’t wander off alone. What happens at the party isn’t typical, and isn’t what you expect. To me, this shows and let’s hope I’m not giving them too much credit, that they are implying they are breaking all the slasher rules. This show is going to be unpredictable, and maybe the characters aren’t going to die in those usual ways we suspect so naturally. Towards the end of the episode, a female student asks Noah how the towns horror story ends, and this is when he makes his “you have to care” speech from the trailer. He explains that “who did it” isn’t what is important but it’s the characters that are important, and at times you have to forget that it’s a horror story. ..So when somebody actually dies, you’ll care. That right there, is what is going to separate it from the movie.

KillerFromScreamTVSeries2OK, so a couple things to complain about….I’m still upset about the mask. If they didn’t pay respects to the rules, certain characters and small details, I would say why did they even call it Scream? Also, it takes place in a town called ‘Lakewood’ oookay…I guess they couldn’t use Woodsboro because they switched the story? And the whole ‘big deal’ about the girl on girl action…it’s 2015 WHYYY do people still care???? (ugh that’s a whole other subject on it’s own)

ScreamPhotoThey are definitely already trying to give certain characters that potential killer ‘quality’, specific lines may leave you thinking….he/she did it for sure. I am already loving the build up and mystery, I already need to know who did it. What do you guys think so far? Please feel free to comment  and hit me up. Whether you are an avid Scream fan like myself and want to geek out with me in discussion, or if you hated the episode of SCREAM THE TV SERIES and everything I just said let’s talk about that too. Comment below, or hit me up on twitter for a live discussion @dolly_hearts I will be following the series week by week and sharing my thoughts with all of you, so please feel free to follow along with me.

Miranda Angers is a small town Canadian girl with a big love for spooky and dark things. As an adult she enjoys scaring children, reading Dean Koontz novels, and staying home and watching horror in her underwear.