Review: HELL (2011)

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Hell (2011)

Written By Tim Fehlbaum & Oliver Kahl

Directed By Tim Fehlbaum

Starring Hannah Herzsprung, Lars Edinger, Stipe Erceg, Lisa Vicari


hell-2011-film-fehlbaum-german_0000_Layer-1Hell is a 2011 German movie that is set in a post apocalyptic terrain where public enemy number one is the sun. Somehow the climate has changed and the sun has become intolerable and unsafe to exposed skin. Water supplies have dried up and everything has become sun-bleached.  We first find our character Marie (Hannah Herzsprung), Phillip (Lars Eidinger), and Leonie (Lisa Vicari) traveling by car in the middle of nowhere in search of gas, food and water. They stop at what once was a rest stop/fueling station to take a look around only to be robbed by Tom (Stipe Erceg). After a brief scrap between Phillip and Tom, they come to an arrangement, which will add Tom to their three-man party making him the fourth. After refueling and quenching their thirsts, our group heads back out on the road in search of something; anything. Unfortunately, they come across a less than savory group who manage to capture Leonie and this is where the movie really takes off. While trying to regain custody of Leonie, our group is completely split and is subjected to three separate horrifying experiences. Who will survive? I’ll never tell. You’ll just have to see for yourselves.

hell-2011-02To say the least, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I have had this in my collection for a couple of years and just finally watched it; shame on me. This whole movie just had a totally defeated and hopeless feel. I couldn’t help but feel bad for our group as they just seem to have obstacle after obstacle placed before them and they never even really had a destination to begin with. As promised, I will not go into details about what problems and situations they encounter, but I will say that they pretty much all suck. I found myself just hoping that something would swing in someone’s favor throughout this entire movie.

hell-2011-hannah-herzsprungVisually, this movie was stunning. Although usually very, very bright in order to give the feeling of an unrelenting sun, the movie managed to keep a very crisp feel to it. Of course there were indoor and night scenes, but when our group was outside, the filmmakers really wanted you to know it by cranking up the brightness in order for you to get somewhat of a feel for what our characters were dealing with. The cast was also very strong in each or their roles, especially Hannah Hersprung as Marie. She was a very convincing, kick ass character in this starring role with a never say die attitude, even in the most horrifying circumstances.

I very strongly recommend that everyone out there watch Hell. This is a very strong movie and an absolutely perfect title given what these folks have to deal with.  My only regret is that I didn’t watch this sooner; I will certainly be watching it again.

Keep It Scary!!!

John Ellsworth