Review: #HOLDYOURBREATH (2012)


#HoldYourBreath (2012)

Written By Geoff Meed & Kenny Zinn

Directed By Jared Cohn

Staring Katrina Bowden, Randy Wayne, Erin Marie Hogan

           IMG_7219 #HOLDYOURBREATH is the story of six friends setting off on a camping trip away from the rest of the world with no intruders, no strangers, no distractions and no worries; or so they’d hoped. Along the way, our group drives by an old cemetery on their way to their destination. According to an old wives tale, when driving passed such a cemetery everyone should hold their breath in order to not inhale or ingest any evil spirits’ essence that may be floating around. Well, unfortunately, the spirit of a man who was buried in this cemetery just so happens to be floating around awaiting the chance to possess a few unlucky passers by.

holdyourbreath#HOLDYOURBREATH opens with the execution of Van Hausen who is played by Keith Allen (Z-Nation). Van Hausen is electrocuted in “the chair” but not before he kills the warden and takes his own eye out in an eye for an eye type of proclamation prior to getting fried during a pretty intense electrical storm. Flash forward, every year on the date of his execution, his spirit, essence, or what have you lingers around awaiting a set of open sinuses to invade so that he can possess someone’s shell and continue on with his evil ways. Well, I’ll give you one guess what day it is when our group goes camping.

hold-your-breath-movie-katrina-bowden-erin-marie-hoganI thought this movie was pretty good. As silly as it may sound, I thought it was an interesting and different idea, which is something that I always look for. The CGI effects were kind of weak, but the practical effects were pretty cool and looked great. The acting, well, the practical effects were pretty cool. The movie had the look and feel of a late night skin-a-max soft-core porn, and even had a sex scene which heavily supported that feel. I think that if this movie had a bigger budget and a few established actors in it could have made a world of difference.

large-screenshot3I know it may sound like I didn’t like #HOLDYOURBREATH because of the flaws that I have pointed out, but I actually did like it; the story itself was really cool. I say give this one a shot, just don’t expect to be blown away by the acting or effects, focus one the story itself and I think that you’ll find that the movie as a whole is pretty good. Besides, it has a few very important facets that we horror fans enjoy; plenty of vulgarity, plenty of blood and violence, and plenty of hot chicks (and one of’ems naked). So, go ahead and give Hold Your Breath a shot, and you just might like it like I did.

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