Review: TIGER HOUSE (2015)

Tiger House (2015)

Written By Simon Lewis

Directed By Thomas Daley

Staring Kaya Scodelario, Ed Skrein & Dougray Scott

            Tiger House is a home invasion/heist movie that begins with our main character, Kelly (Kaya Scodelario), sneaking into her boyfriend’s mother and father’s house where it is implied that she spends an awful lot of time. Kelly breaks the news to her boyfriend, Mark (Daniel Boyd), that she is pregnant, and while trying to wrap his mind around this life changing news, Mark hears a few unusual noises coming from somewhere beyond his bedroom door and decides to go and check things out. Unfortunately for Mark, he has just walked into the middle of his home being invaded.

            2116Mark’s father, Doug (Andrew Brent), is a wealth bank manager and is now a target for the unwelcomed home invaders. They are not there to merely torment the family or rob the home, their intensions are to take Doug to the bank where he works and because he has access to the safe(s), they want him to keep the employees calm and in check, and open up the safe(s) for a more plentiful bounty for our thieves. As far as the heist is concerned, things go pretty much according to plan. However, none of the home invaders are aware of Kelly’s presence in the home, and she must now save herself, her unborn child, the man she loves, and his family. Does she have it in her to pull all of this off and be the hero (well, heroine)? You’ll have to check out Tiger House to find out.

            Tiger-HouseThis was a pretty cool flick. It begins by laying some groundwork, which we need to fully understand the characters and their positions throughout the movie, and quickly jumps into an ugly situation for our main character, Kelly. Kaya Scodelario does a fantastic job as the star of this movie and flawlessly carries us through this very tense story. Second in line as far as screen time goes was Callum, who was brilliantly portrayed by Ed Skrein. Callum was our ruthless baddie throughout the film who would stop at nothing to ensure that the group’s plans are carried out and that any missed steps would be greeted with opposing force. This character had issues and Ed Skrein did a solid job of putting that on the screen. Give Tiger House a watch, folks. It was a good story in which the focal point was a good-looking strong woman, which in and of itself is always a recipe for success in my book.

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Keep It Scary!!!

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John Ellsworth