Event Review: The Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2015

Once again it was time to visit The Queen Mary Dark Harbor for another terrifying year. This was my first year so I had a blast! We went in while it was still daylight, wondering the fog filled streets of the Voodoo Village. The light didn’t detract from the scares or the atmosphere. The first thing on our agenda was the new Curse of Anubis: Paintball Adventure.

We arrived at a tented area and were greeted by undead archaeologists and briefed on the situation.  A curse has brought forth mummys and the god Anubis. The only way to break the curse is to destroy him. This was fun. A good way to blow off steam and get ready for more scares.

Next was Scary Mary’s Lullaby, an all new maze that really kept me guessing as to what was gonna happen next. It is my first time on the ship itself and that added to my fear. It was probably my favorite of the night because it really, really scared me.

Circus was equal parts fun and frightening. We all know clowns are scary but really, the entire circus experience is creepy! The colors, the shapes…and that damn music! It is the visual representation of insanity and that is what is scary. Watch the floors on this one. They may swallow you whole. I urge, no wait… DARE you to do this one!

Soulmate is a twisted tale of love and greed. I really liked getting into the mind of a deranged woman (hey, I can relate). This maze is actually within the ship itself and that adds a lot of creepy atmosphere. The finally, which I won’t spoil and beautiful and haunting!

B340 is a decent into madness. This also takes place on the ship and makes use of the long dark spaces while cramming your head with so much horror that you are busting at the seems. This is the most low key of the mazes for me but still a lot of fun. Worth a look!

Deadrise is a ship that has crashed into the harbor filled with angry spirits. This is a wet maze filled with the feeling of a sinking ship. If this is a fear of yours then be there!

The final maze was Voo Doo Village! An awesome experience. You are taken into a whole village that is so real it’s terrifying. It was like I stepped into The Serpent and the Rainbow. There is so much to look at in this maze and even more that you don’t want to see. We actually did it twice because it was scary good! It is also super long!

All this and there is also a freakshow with mini scares through out, a show(!) a bar and even tarot card reading.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and haven’t been to The Queen Mary Dark Harbor, this is a must. Great mazes, food, music and an overall great Halloween atmosphere. Get your sea legs on and get over to Dark Harbor!

If you need more convincing, here is a peep at what we did…