Jenna Breaks Down The Horror Of THE SPECTRE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE

Friends. Do you dig Edgar Allan Poe? Then I implore you not to watch THE SPECTRE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE, as it may turn you off of this literary icon for all eternity. Fortunately for you, I watched it so you don’t have to. So check out my recap! It’s all of the ridiculousness with none of the nonsense. Keep Poe on a pedestal. Let me take this hit for you. THE SPECTRE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE! Make your beverages strong, my friends.

In THE SPECTRE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE – Poe’s fiance, Lenore, falls into a coma and is taken for dead. She is rescued at the last possible moment from being buried alive, but the experience has driven her insane. On the advice of his friend, Dr. Forrest, Poe commits Lenore to the asylum run by Dr. Grimaldi. On a visit to the asylum, Poe and Forrest sense that something strange is going on, and decide to sneak back in after dark and investigate.

Jenna is a screenwriter and director whose ideas tend to scare her writing partner. She digs psychological and supernatural horror, but doesn’t mind throwing a bucket or three of blood on things for fun. She harbors a (not-so-secret) love of fairy tales, travel, ladyporn, accents, red lipstick, coffee, Converse, and ass-kicking heroines. Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Alfred Hitchcock are her spirit animals.