Review: HALLOWEEN HELL (2015)

Is TV so boring these days that we have to watch “reality shows” shows that are hosted by Dracula himself? Let us just say for a moment however, if we could place bets on who lives and who dies, would you be more interested? It’s a mix between THE REAL WORLD and a hellish nightmare in HALLOWEEN HELL!

           Sequence 2 There is a Demonic doll that is said to be made from lava from hell! The doll hosts a demon as well. A crazed man who calls himself COUNT DRACULA takes the doll and starts a pay per view reality show where we have 6 strangers offered $100,000 to spend the entire Halloween night in a room with the doll. This doll has reportedly caused dozens of deaths or “suicides” and it is always on Halloween when there is a full moon. Guess what day these strangers just happened to be on? And guess what kind of moon they have?

            Sequence 11The 6 strangers are taken by limo and do not really have much in common and personalities begin to clash. We meet 3 men and 3 women all from very different backgrounds and different reasons for wanting the money. From family needs or starting a record company, these adventurers want that doe, but are they willing to face certain and VERY painful death by the hands of the demon who wants nothing more than rip someone’s face off or rip a heart out and eat it. One by one the adventurous strangers begin to have visions of the demon and drop like flies! And the entire time, viewers are sitting back betting on who lives and who dies.

          Sequence 34  I dig the plot of this movie, it seemed a bit silly reading about it, but reading about something before watching it leaves an idea of what to expect. I imagined a house on the haunted hill theme but the difference being, Dracula is pure evil and not some theme park director. See Dracula who is played by the most excellent Eric Robert wants nothing but Blood and Money, both he obtains from the viewers and participants. He even goes as far when asked if HE was the devil and too which his reply was “maybe, maybe he works for me” now when someone says that I don’t care who you are THAT AIN”T RIGHT!

           Sequence 18 The characters are what made this movie stand out. We have a clash of different personalities some are very intense some quiet, some want to be serious some just want fun. My favorite contestant was a cowboy from the great state of TEXAS! He is cocky arrogant and funny but has a heart, like most of us Texans we act tough but at the end we just wanna smile make others laugh, drink and fight. Our hero is the nerdy smart guy who wants to have his own company to make billions, that’s why he is smart! Our female lead didn’t seem the lead type for a while I assumed her role was the dirty blonde girl but her character grew most of all in my opinion. Solid acting on all their parts, I have to give the shout outs to Eric Roberts for his ability to make me laugh with his “EWW that has to hurt” after a decapitation, his one liners gave his character so much just with little words, evil man indeed. And always funny to see a Texan act crazy, cause we are all like that right?

          Sequence 8  Now let’s talk about the blood and gore, oh yes it is very much alive and all over the movie. We have faces being literally ripped off a head pulled off and hearts devoured. Some characters died from what seems to look like being destroyed from the inside, watch for yourself maybe you have more ideas, it is cool to think while this demon who kills through a screen just stares and the poor soul begins to just get smeared like paste from the inside. There is plenty of blood to go with every attack. If you want blood you will not be disappointed.

           Sequence 19 I enjoyed this film and recommend to anyone who wants to have some chuckles and watch a demon slaughter people. Grab some buddies grab a few cold ones and enjoy a movie that is fun and enjoyable. Solid acting and BLOOD is always a good mix to end a Saturday. Just make sure you do not watch this movie on Halloween on a full moon you might wake up in HALLOWEEN HELL.