Review: NIGHT OF THE WILD (2015)

Night of the Wild (2015)

Written By Delondra Williams

Directed By Eric Red

Starring Tristin Mays, Rob Morrow, Kelly Rutherford

            It was a night just like any other night in this small American town until out of the sky falls several green meteors that plunge into the earth and glow a gaseous green light. Unfortunately for the residents of this small town, these meteors are bringing out the animalistic, killer instinct of their beloved K9s. These normally docile and loyal dogs are now suddenly becoming cold blooded killers of all shapes and sizes.

           Jill Zarin in Night of the Wild NIGHT OF THE WILD begins with the films main character, Rosalyn (Tristin Mays), preparing to go on a camping trip with a couple of her friends. After a bit of family banter with her father, Dave (Rob Morrow), about putting down her beloved dog, Shep, Rosalyn heads out for her trip with her friends Alice (Mary Katherine O’Donnell) and Pia (Mary Risener). While Alice and Pia are talking at the campsite and Rosalyn is collecting wood for a fire, a wild dog comes out of nowhere and attacks Pia. Alice is frozen in fear, but Rosalyn hears the screams and reacts by killing with the dog with a camping knife, saving her friends life (for the moment). The three girls begin making their way out of the woods but as a result of the earlier attack on Pia, they are not able to move at Alice’s desired pace. Alice gives a tear filled apology and runs off on her own where she meets her horrific demise. Roslyn and Pia eventually make it out of the woods, but Pia finally succumbs to the wounds she received from the earlier brutal K9 attack. Rosalyn is now left alone with Shep to find her way back to her family.

            Kelly Rutherford in Night of the WildLittle does Rosalyn know that society has completely broken down; the dog attacks are rampant in her normally peaceful town and her father, stepmother, Sara (Kelly Rutherford) , and little sister, Danielle (Carmen Tonry), are all in great danger. The dogs have attacked the farm where her father is working and they have also trapped her stepmother and little sister in their house. Will Rosalyn ever be able to find her way home? Will the family be able to reunite and free themselves from the K9 catastrophe? You’ll have to check out Night of the Wild to learn the fate of this family and that of this entire small town community.

          Rob Morrow in Night of the Wild  If you’ve seen my video (HERE) outlining what my real life fears are, you will know that fear number one was dogs. With that being said, this is a horrifying situation for me personally. Night of the Wild was well made and the practical effects were pretty believable. The setting for this film was pretty perfect, especially given the hopeless situation that the girls were in when they were in the middle of nowhere at a campsite. Now, keep in mind that this movie was made by the same producers as the insanely popular Sharknado franchise, and with that being said, the story is a bit over the top. But, I’m certain that this was the intention from the start. We don’t have dogs falling from the sky in this one, but we have a hell of a lot of dogs everywhere; and they are all pissed off.  Give SyFy’s Night of the Wild a watch for some good old over the top and bloody fun.

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John Ellsworth