A continuation of The Haunting of Molly Hartley, this poor gal just can’t catch a break. But this may be her last chance at being cleansed of the demon, and a priests redemption at doing the lords work.

           db_fotog_18603 I was scared to put this one in at first, would this one scare me or make me uncomfortable? I was not let down . With a creepy intro, I sat back and accepted the pure evil in this one. Possession movies are always fun, the idea of a demon taking over someone’s mind, body and soul is a big scare for anyone. The movie takes place a couple years after the first movie and we have Molly all grown up, but we soon find out that the demon is still hanging around deep inside. Molly is soon taken away to a Correction center, and she begins to terrorize the staff and patients pretty much as soon as she gets there. A defrocked priest john Barrow also resides there from his last attempt at an exorcism, but his reasons for being there are clear.

           maxresdefault A DR Laurie Hawthorne who treats Molly faces her head on from throwing up all over her to throwing her around. This doc is fearless it seems, which is nice she will need it. John has his own fair share of problems grief over a fallen priest due to failed exorcism and learning his path again from the elder priest. Things are not as they seem in this place, John has to find his strength to do the Lord’s work and DR Hawthorne must find a way to save Molly. But the devil has his own agenda.

           the-exorcism-molly-hartley08 I rather enjoyed this flick, good story and well driven characters. Even if you did not see the first movie, it is kind to you in the sense it could be its own standing film. I looked at it as a sequel but I could see it from the perspective of someone who has not seen the first and not get really confused. You should know that she struggled with a demon and BOOM you are caught up. The plot is very strong with characters who are well drawn out with plenty of time to find out who they are and what they are capable of with excellent acting. The setting is awesome, we see churches hallways of the hospital and the padded rooms that keep the patients from the outside world.

           the-exorcism-molly-hartley07 The horror is very much alive here, you don’t always need blood and gore to make you afraid just the talks of devils and possessions should be enough to get the blood running. That is not to say there isn’t blood, oh my yes YES there is! brain matter and bodily fluids all over. The makeup for the possessed Molly was sickening, I can imagine hours of sitting in that makeup chair, puss running from the nose and green stuff that I don’t even wanna know is from. Basically it looked REAL! I loved how they took a beautiful women and turned her into a hellish beast.. still cute.

            the-exorcism-molly-hartley02THE EXORCISM OF MOLLY HARTLEY is a great movie with all that you would expect. Acting, characters and plot all in a bottle of awesome sauce. This demon will have you hiding behind a pillow all night. If you are a fan of demons and a good twist this one is for you.  Grab a brew pull out the bible and hang that cross because Molly is waiting.