BLACK SAILS SEASON 3: War, Blackbeard, and…Mary Read?

With last season turning into a bloodbath after the arrival of psychopath Ned Low, how could Black Sails top themselves? Easily, bring in the most notorious Captain that ever sailed…Edward Teach. Blackbeard is arriving in Nassau this season and being played by Ray Stevenson, but he isn’t the only famous pirate showing up this season. Take a look at the season sneak peek trailer below and you may see another familiar pirate. How will you know? It’s pretty obvious.

With last season we understood that Anne Bonny will stay by Calico Jack’s side. This will lead her to sea and to non other than Mary Read. It is a more than safe bet that the woman we see kicking ass is Mary Read and that she will meet Jack and Anne by the season’s end.

What does this mean for our favorite brothel owner and pirate? The party could be coming to an end. Mary and the arrival of Woodes Rogers mark a turning point for Nassau. Woodes Rogers stamps out piracy by pardon and later by force. Things don’t look good for our nation of thieves.

Mary, Anne, and Jack are caught in 1720 by pirate hunter Jon Barnet. He and the men were drunk and only Anne and Mary put up a fight. He and the men were hung. The women were given a stay of execution because they were both pregnant. How will this play out on the show? Will they depart from history in a drastic way? We’ll have to wait and see but I wouldn’t mind Jack escaping the noose.

This season promises to be both epic and bloody as hell. If you aren’t watching yet, you need to be.