We all have those who are close and we love them deeply. Some have the misfortune to lose close ones. If someone takes those loved ones, it would be fair to say vengeance is on the way right? A designer is about to take the matter in his own hands when his daughter is taken..

          We begin the movie with a man strapped to a chair begging for him mommy and daddy when a masked man tells him his sins. We cut to a family who has just had their daughter was kidnapped and struggling to cope with this. The father creator of REALITORY a virtual gaming headgear uses work to help keep the stress as the detective does his job. The mother and other daughter are doing their best, when news of the case going nowhere a sign of hope shines through with a little lead that may be the answer.

         382410_259363027507365_482293963_n Meanwhile the mother is struggling harder and harder and soon things get bad. As the father realizes the true evil is to do nothing against evil takes justice. Capturing the man who was the cause of the kidnapping is now faced with his own actions. The headgear that has been used for fun and gaming is now used for the ultimate punishment, his sick actions are now his REALITORY.

          REALITORY: WELCOME TO THE MACHINE was amazing, sad but truly capturing the emotions of one being lost. We all wish that we could stop evil men, and for someone to not only step up but use skills we have not seen before is remarkable! Through the eyes of his victims he will die hundreds of times, so beautiful. The acting is great and the sets and vibe were all on point to make a great scifi thriller. And the little twists are great additions to make the ending give the ultimate happy ending.

         602513_259333837510284_1129402871_n If you get a chance to view this movie I suggest you should! I hope to see this in maybe a TV show or a full length feature film. Great plot and delivery to everyone who participated in creating this CUDOS! I heavily enjoyed this. Coming from someone who hates men who torture girls and kills them, to see punishment inflicted VERY NICE!! So grab a snack and get ready for this fun. But remember your actions just be used against you in your own REALITORY.