Hey there! Miranda aka Dolly Hearts here. George Katt (TVs Unforgettable, Young, Single & Angry) stars in Alienated, Brian Ackley’s acclaimed science-fiction thriller about a married couple that is forced to confront their fatal relationship issues while on the brink of a possible alien abduction. Alienated has won 12 awards, including three for Best Feature, several Best Actor awards (including honours for the late Taylor Negron), and Best Director for Ackley. Ahead of the film’s March 25 theatrical release in Boston, we spoke to Katt.

skp2Say you’re working at Blockbuster video (remember those things?) – what category would you place Alienated in?

Great question. Funny, I actually did work at Blockbuster for a short stint when I was younger! I actually miss having them around. Anything close to movies felt like home for me growing up. Loved those. To answer the question, I would first off place it under Hot New Releases and then find a home for it under Drama or Indie Film or anywhere they would place M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs” would be appropriate.

Was it the difficulty in assigning it a particular genre that appealed to you about this one?

I just loved the script. It reminded me of a great character-driven stage play. I found it to be truthful and the things that were happening with the relationship and these characters felt very real and explosive to me. It was something I knew I could throw myself into and go full throttle with. Access that file cabinet of emotions and experiences and use them while playing Nate.

Can you tell us how the part came to be yours?

I was introduced to the writer/director Brian Ackley via producer Princeton Holt who was familiar with my previous work in film. I read the script and it only took a phone conversation with Brian and his familiarity with my capabilities as an actor and that was that. We threw around our thoughts and instantly connected.

alienated3Did it require you to relocate?

Only for the duration of the shoot. We all lived in the house we were shooting in in New Jersey. It was an intimate and focused experience and location.

Did you bond with your co-stars on set?

Yes, both Taylor and Jen quickly became friends. They were both actor’s actors and lovely souls. I’m still friends with Jen Burry to this day. We actually help each other out with taped auditions for television shows and films. And I bonded with Taylor in a wonderful way energetically and spiritually.

alienated5What kind of director is Brian Ackley?

Brian is a fantastic, kind and generous man and this bleeds into his directing. He is a trusting director. He is intelligent and open and the type of director any actor would love to work with. No ego. Caring about the entire process and he trusts you to do your thing. If it wasn’t for the way Brian worked as a director – the film would not be how it turned out. He trusted to not stifle anything and also opened up the thought process for us by discussing and sharing ideas. He’s like an Elia Kazan in his approach. 

Can you tell us where we can see you next?

Next up is a film I am in called Turnabout written and directed by E.B. Hughes that I am very proud of – with Waylon Payne, Peter Greene, Rosebud Baker and Sayra Player. It’s a very different type of film and character from what I did with Nate in Alienated.