Danzig LAST RIDE Video Debut!

A few months back, Iconic rocker Glenn Danzig teamed with Sinful Celluloid master sinner Christopher M. Jimenez for the first video from his latest album Black Laden Crown. The video is for the track LAST RIDE and was filmed at The Horror Ranch just outside of Santa Clarita near the legendary Sable Ranch.

The video features actress/producer Diane Foster as a demonic vixen hitchhiking her way to damnation and perhaps leading you there as well. Last Ride was produced by Christopher M. Jimenez and Glenn Danzig and directed by Glenn Danzig. Edited by Brian Cox / Flarelight Films. Cinematographer Corey Soria. The iconic earrings were designed and created by me (Daniella Batsheva). Feed your soul with the video below and these exclusive behind the scenes pictures…


I’m Dani Bats