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Event Review: A Weekend at ScareLA 2017

A costume filled weekend at LACC kept these eyes zip-lining across the room all day. Tons of creativity was packed into the venue from  conceptual artists to film makers, booths were busy, busy, busy! Shoulda brought my anxiety meds because… (Read more)

Addy’s Mission to Midsummer Scream 2017

A day of firsts: my first Midsummer Scream event and my first convention experience, ever, after celebrating my first year in California. I got dolled in my pumpkin-cinnamon dress, long curly hair trailing behind me, and purple lipztik – just… (Read more)

Review: Bad Frank, Baby!

This psychotic suspense thriller is totally worth the three bags of Smart Food white cheddar popcorn I shoved in my face during its 103 minute run! The main character, Frank (Kevin Interdonato), lives a quiet life until his violent side… (Read more)

Adeline Vs Shaman Changeling TSUNAMBEES:

A fun flick swarming with questions of faith, a Revelations quote that about locusts (you know the one) that is supposed to apply to bees, a Queen Bee in human form, and surprise zombification by bee bite.  This film tries… (Read more)

Review: Taking A Look at Devil’s Domain

When life gets cruddy and friends backstab you, bury the bastards in Devil’s Domain. While it has typical revenge plot by making a pact with the devil it’s easy to dismiss it. Don’t do that. Writer and director, Jared Cohn,… (Read more)

Review: Adeline Vs. AMERICAN MUMMY (2017)

New horror movies on DVD and Bluray – I love mummy movies better than zombie movies. There I said it. I said the thing horror nerds are not supposed to say! Watching American Mummy – a slumbering Tezcalipoca, God of… (Read more)

Event Review: Danzig – Blackest of the Black Festival 2017

It’s tough not to get operatic about Danzig. I missed Misfits and Samhain. I was born in 1973 – just in time for Danzig. I heard Mother on Headbanger’s Ball in late ’89 and it was a year later by… (Read more)