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Review: Taking A Look at Devil’s Domain

When life gets cruddy and friends backstab you, bury the bastards in Devil’s Domain. While it has typical revenge plot by making a pact with the devil it’s easy to dismiss it. Don’t do that. Writer and director, Jared Cohn,… (Read more)

Review: Adeline Vs. AMERICAN MUMMY (2017)

New horror movies on DVD and Bluray – I love mummy movies better than zombie movies. There I said it. I said the thing horror nerds are not supposed to say! Watching American Mummy – a slumbering Tezcalipoca, God of… (Read more)

Event Review: Danzig – Blackest of the Black Festival 2017

It’s tough not to get operatic about Danzig. I missed Misfits and Samhain. I was born in 1973 – just in time for Danzig. I heard Mother on Headbanger’s Ball in late ’89 and it was a year later by… (Read more)