Author Archive: Amber A.D.

Amber Travels Apocalypse Road

Apocalypse Road is a taut and suspenseful post apocalyptic story that follows two sisters as they navigate the dangerous and unsettling world that they now inhabit. Armed and cloaked, the sisters make their way toward the beach where they hope… (Read more)

Amber Faces Off Against DEMONS

The first glimpse after the music shocks us to life is of a bloodied priest visibly shaken as he silently prays. Night has fallen; the priest is kneeling outside in the quiet darkness obviously trying to come to grips with… (Read more)

Review: Red Christmas – When night falls, the terror begins

Red Christmas begins with news stories and imagery from abortion clinic protests. Next, we witness an explosion that rocks the clinic as an abortion is happening inside and the aborted baby is stolen. This sets up an interesting juxtaposition with… (Read more)

The Domicile – beware of what lurks in the shadows

A pregnant wife, her playwright husband, and her mentally ill sister all live relatively peacefully, despite obvious tension between husband and wife, in a gloomy house that appears to be cavernous. The Domicile is set in and around this house… (Read more)

Review: WTF! – A nod to horror of the past

Night has fallen as the camera skates across the ground giving us an atmosphere and perspective reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. Instead of something evil coming for us, we’re rushing to witness a scantily clad woman, covered in… (Read more)

Retro-Review: Husk (2011) – Killer scarecrows are coming for you!

“There’s something in the corn”. Not many scarecrows are more frightening than the scarecrow the band Samhain used on the cover of their album entitled November-Coming-Fire but picture this… unnaturally fast scarecrows wearing creepy masks, chasing you through a lonely… (Read more)

The Dark Tapes – Will Keep You On Your Toes

Like it’s docu-horror and found footage predecessors, including The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Paranormal Activity (2007), The Dark Tapes continues with the inherent realism that this genre delivers. The concept of found footage is fairly self-explanatory; video recordings are… (Read more)