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The Transfiguration Flips Horror On Its Head

Director Michael O’Shea has brought horror fans everywhere a new addition to the compendium of Vampire love stories…or has he? This Cannes Film Festival pick makes exquisite use of what I have always loved in horror- ambiguity. Milo (Eric Ruffin)… (Read more)

Review: Muertana Says Get Ready to Cut, Shoot, Kill

If the title wasn’t anything to go by, it’s a horror movie about horror movies. Serena Brooks (Alexandra Socha) is an up-and-coming actress living in New York, with some reservations about forging a career as a scream queen. Understandably, she… (Read more)

Review: Ana Experiences Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior begins with the same irony it encapsulates throughout the film. Blackness, panicked whimpering, and suddenly- “dance with me baby?” It is a new era of film noir, if film noir had more color and less accents. A private… (Read more)

#Fantasia For a Good Time, Call… Tristan Risk!

A man stealthily hides a camera amongst teddy bears atop a dresser. A woman enters the room, half-dressed, and the two begin to kiss heavily. He is rough with her, though she repeatedly tells him to stop. If these things… (Read more)

The Deadly Women of The Craft

One of my favorite movies came about in 1996. This isn’t a popular thing to say, because film snobs everywhere will argue nothing good comes from modern media. Tonight I ask of you all to put down the pens and… (Read more)

Family Values in Sex of the Witch (1973) AKA Il Sesso della Strega

Anyone coming from a large family understands the obligations to one’s relatives, as well as the complications that arise from the death of a relative. Families with money however, will inevitably get into arguments about inheritance. The blood relation between… (Read more)

Lost and Found in Altar (2016)

Altar begins with newlyweds shooting a home movie in their honeymoon hotel. Their bliss looked like something out of a popular Instagram account for dream weddings, until of course, a truly depressing view from their balcony. The husband (Gregory Tharpe),… (Read more)