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Interview: The Life and Times Of Robert England

I have been a horror fan for as long as I can remember and one of my favorites has always been Freddy Krugger. So you can imagine my excitement when Robert Englund sat down and talked with me about his… (Read more)

Richard LeMay Tackles Dementia 13

Coppola fans may recognize Dementia 13 as his first feature film, a twisted story of family, the supernatural, and betrayal. Richard LeMay directs the 2017 remake of this 1963 classic with a flair for the dramatic and a similar perspective…. (Read more)

Review: Exploring The House on Rodeo Gulch

An idyllic, isolated house in the middle of a forested area. Absolutely nothing could go wrong. House on Rodeo Gulch is a movie that works to subvert your expectations, even while making use of clichés. We begin with a broken… (Read more)

Interview MuertAna Talks with Brian O’Malley of THE LODGERS

Last weekend Sinful Celluloid interviewed Brian O’Malley to talk about his new Gothic Horror film, The Lodgers. It was an enjoyable interview about the direction of The Lodgers along with his feelings on horror today. Before we got down to… (Read more)

The Evil in Us Scares Muertana

Don’t let the initial suspense and fun-filled montages fool you, this movie is all action. My first notes on this film were “Drugs are baaad, kids.” I still stand by this statement, but it takes on a different meaning by… (Read more)

MuertAna Survives The Terror of Hallow’s Eve

Before going in to this film, I was unaware of its source material. Despite being unaware of its context, I came away from my viewing thinking it was a fun, gripping movie. Getting the chance to learn more and even… (Read more)

Muertana Speaks with Todd Tucker of Illusion Industries

Last FridayI hopped on the phone with special effects master and cofounder of Illusion Industries Todd Tucker  to talk about his latest original film, The Terror of Hallow’s Eve. Having watched it beforehand, I went in not only impressed with… (Read more)