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Review: Black Creek Is Not Worth The Visit

Many Native American Tribes firmly believe in the existence of skinwalkers. They believe skinwalkers walk freely among the tribe and secretly transform under the cover of night.To become a skinwalker requires the most evil of deeds, the killing of a… (Read more)

Review: Before I Wake Is A Must See!

Before I Wake is an excellent film directed and co-written by Mike Flanagan (Oculus (2013), Hush (2016), Absentia (2011). Flanagan takes the overdone topic of “Creepy Child” to a new level of imagination and heart-pounding thrills. The storyline was very… (Read more)

Review: PSYCHOTIC! A Brooklyn Slasher

PSYCHOTIC! A Brooklyn Slasher is a bloody mess slasher film set in Bushwick, New York. A bunch of hipsters living in Bushwick trying to make a name for themselves playing in a band and partying like its 1970 with lots… (Read more)

Review: Gloria Visits THE CANNIBAL FARM

What is worst than going on vacation with family that you don’t get along with? Getting stuck with them in the middle of nowhere, not only that but now your vacation turned into a survival of the fittest trying to… (Read more)

Halloween night 2017 the Anton LaVey exhibition by Lethal Amounts

What do you do Halloween night in Hollywood? For sure you have to summon Satan on this devils night. Or you could have been at the Anton LaVey exhibition Disobey. An event orchestrated by Danny Fuentes owner of Lethal Amounts… (Read more)

Dee Wallace Talks RED CHRISTMAS

With RED CHRISTMAS, Dee Wallace steps in as both Producer and Star in a twisted tale of decisions that come back to haunt a woman and her family. Recently, Dee sat down to explore her new film, and the challenges… (Read more)


October is here! Are you an adrenaline junky that lives for horror and thrills? Do you celebrate the whole month of October by doing zombie runs or haunted house mazes? I’ve done a few myself and the experiences are unforgettable,… (Read more)