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Review: Stay In And Watch GET OUT

Sometimes you’re wanted a little too much. “Get Out” is a mixture of “Stanford Wife’s” meets The Twilight Zone episode. Writer and Director Jordan Peele better know from his comedy show “Key and Peele” completely steps out of his comfortable… (Read more)

Review: A CURE FOR WELLNESS – Is it a cure or a curse?

“A cure for wellness” is a psychological thriller, filled with macabre twists and turns that will have you at the edge of your seat. Protagonist Lockhart (Dane Dehaan) finds himself diagnosed with the same mysterious illness that keeps all the… (Read more)

Review: GREMLIN (2017) Is Not Your Father’s Mogwai

Do you remember the 1984 film Gremlins? Those fury little creatures (Mogwai)? Don’t feed them after midnight! Don’t let them get in the water! And no bright lights! Well this film has nothing to do with those cute little mogwais…. (Read more)

Review: Don’t Mess With This Priestess – VOODOO (2017)

VOODOO is a low budged film written and produced by Tom Costabile. He created the production company Hyper Cube Films and “Voodoo” is their first motion picture. This 120-minute film is off to a low start, about 40 minutes of… (Read more)

Review: #FromJennifer

If you want to enjoy a movie with Comedy, Horror and Revenge, #fromjennifer is the movie to see!  Writer and director Frank Merle did a stupendous job combining all these elements together to bring us a movie with twisted and… (Read more)